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Why Do Democrats Not Trust (Even Their Own) Voters?

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AP Photo/Cheryl Senter

Why do Democrats mistrust voters?

Note that there exists zero doubt that they do.

But why?

After spending the better part of four years attempting to undo what the voters in 30 of 50 states clearly wished, they are back at it again attempting to taint and corrupt even their own party’s primary process to create an outcome they believe would be better.

But “who” is the “they” we refer to? And who pulls the trigger on such things?

When Democrats pursued “Russia collusion” they did so with a foundation of “evidence” that was debunked nearly as quickly as it was assembled. Yet someone believed it would be great to spend the better part of three years attempting to con the American people.

Not satisfied with that embarrassment someone else began running with the impeachment meme. But doing so on an even flimsier foundation. Thankfully that partisan sham of a process is exiting stage left.

For some reason, some people somewhere believed that instead of running against the administration with a set of ideas it would be better to merely repudiate the votes of the last election and through trickery attempt surgical removal of a president who was legally and overwhelmingly elected.

The vote of the people—in essence—means nothing to them.

This weekend the Bernie Sanders campaign got a second dose of these tactics.

Late Friday the Democratic National Committee waived a requirement for the upcoming debates. No longer does the candidate need to meet both a voter poll threshold and have a predetermined number of donors to qualify to participate. Sanders, Biden, and Warren have all met the thresholds.

Mike Bloomberg has not. Even if he meets the poll numbers before the Nevada cut off he still would not have come close to meeting the number-of-donors requirement. This is largely due to the fact that he is his own donor. He’s proven this by already blowing through more cash in just a handful of weeks on the campaign trail than President Trump spent for all of the campaign (both primary and general elections) of 2016.

But Mike Bloomberg (hopes somebody) might be the moderate candidacy that somebody believes can win the general election in the fall.

These somebodies believe they know better than the voters in their own primary. They cheated Bernie Sanders in 2016, and they have launched a new effort to cheat him in 2020.

In another development, over the weekend a story appeared in Politico that intimated that even if Sanders got to the convention with the votes needed, that there is already a move afoot to change procedures and rules there to stop him.

Similar to blind #NeverTrumpers that refuse to see what the president has done to keep his base intact (and is currently constantly welcoming new voters to the cause), these smug elitists in Democratic circles seem to believe they know what the voters want more than the voters themselves.

No one should really be shocked that such a band of disreputables would be caught trying to stab Bernie Sanders in the back.

The supposedly “neutral” Democratic pundits on television this week turned noticeably anti-Bernie as his poll numbers in five of the first six states have him ahead or tied.

The Democratic Party is fast chasing down anything and everything they can to bring him down, which I suppose is their prerogative.

If they wish to be the party that ignores the rights and voices of the voters it’s best to let the whole world see it. That they are still obsessed with taking the votes of 2016 away from the winner offers a glimpse. That they are ready to sacrifice their frontrunner by changing the rules in such a profoundly dishonest way should send a message to the people they are pleading with to support them.

Because for them it’s never been about trusting the will of the people to decide our nation’s future. Nope. For the left, the gaining of control is the most important priority.

To be in power, and to use that power to punish those who disagree with them, is their obsession.

They’ve tried every dishonest means in the book to wield this obsession against the president.

And now they willingly seek to massacre their own candidates and supporters in their crazed manic attempts to do so.

Contrast that with the claim of “promises made, promises kept.”

That contrast is the genuine choice this November and it is vital that we the people choose wisely!

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