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AP Photo/David J. Phillip

One thing that is somewhat comforting this week is that after the last debate performance it is safer than ever to assume that not one of the candidates who stood on the debate stage has even a prayer of a chance of becoming president.


If any of them had the debate itself removed any lingering hope.

Between the pummeling of the moderates on stage, to the belligerent tyrannical claims, to the utterly indescribable nonsense spoken, it is fairly clear they are a ship lost at sea.

The arrogant hubris and posing of what appeared to be an intoxicated Kamala Harris, to the incessant whining of Mayor Pete about people “scoring points,” all seem to indicate that this thin-skinned group of adults would have difficulty handling a class full of elementary children for a day much less run a nation.

The “debates” themselves have grown increasingly worthless because the networks and personalities conducting them are staging reality TV as opposed to forums where genuine ideas can be spotlighted side by side. 

Meanwhile, a surprisingly quiet President Trump is back at what he does best: on the campaign trail. He is hosting huge rallies, with massive attendance (far more than the numbers the Dems have been able to put up collectively.) He’s also holding these rallies mostly in toss-up, rust-belt, and swing states where he has a shot to increase his numbers in 2020.

But even if we assume the obvious—that after a tough and bitter battle with “whoever” gets the nod from the Democrats—President Trump wins and probably by a wide margin, what the Dems are doing is still reckless and dangerous. 

Here’s but a few reasons:

1. They’ve moved to new targets. Like it or not the new (albeit ignorant) standard for the Democratic Party is the giving away of everything. Gone is any semblance of the JFK Democrat who echoed his words, “ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country!” When Bernie preaches free college, Warren adds free health care, Kamala adds free needles, Biden promises no jail for non-violent crimes, and Yang is literally promising cash from the treasury, there is a conditioning occurring — my government owes me stuff.


2. They’ve assumed new powers. When they openly pledge to violate the constitution and through literal threat of seizure announce that they are ignoring the foundational law and the second oldest of the Constitutional amendments, how long does it take before they decide to do the same with First Amendment protections? When the governing class decides to ignore a portion of their lawful constraint and accountability one can pretty much bank on none of the lawful constraints that they are meant to operate under will be observed.

3. They’ve sunk to new lows. When one of the candidates looks into a camera and proclaims the United States to be plagued with “systemic racism” you know they are lying. But when the entire group does it—hundreds of times in three hours—it takes on a perverse sense of strategy. Slavery existed in some form in nearly every society on the planet until the primarily European and American abolitionist movements that began world wide change. Nations in Central and South America continued to practice race-based slavery after America declared it illegal. In India, portions of Southwest Asia, and Africa—to this day—slavery based on ethnic and religious prejudice continues to be perpetrated. In America you have individuals who have made it to the top of every industry of every race and background. We are the least racist nation on the planet. Yet the Democratic candidates are willing to slander their fellow countrymen, if it will help them turn out 15 percent more votes in heavily Democratic districts where these lies are continually repeated. 


The Democrats running for president are not serious people. 

Their ideas are plagued by historical inaccuracy in their assumptions and claims. They believe in lying to everyone listening, promising things they can never deliver, at a cost to everyone far greater than they indicate, that will not accomplish what they purport they will.

The lack of seriousness is palpable. The damage they are doing to the future of our nation is very real though.

It’s why we must expose the danger in their lies.

Those who come behind us are counting on us.

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