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AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

Attorney General Bill Barr has called for possibly multiple federal investigations into the death of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The circumstances surrounding the death of history’s (perhaps) most well known serial sex abuser of children wreak of a coordination and organized hit at worst, or just general stupidity and malfeasance at best. Since he was in the custody of the feds it is appropriate and just for the top federal law enforcement officer to get to the bottom of things. 


Hence it is likely the FBI is already investigating, and just in case the bureau might get “Strzoked,” he also formally empowered the Inspector General to open a parallel track inquiry.

Despite what paranoid never-trump talk-radio voices seethed about this weekend, transparency and accountability in this (and in all criminal matters) are good.

The nexus of established Democratic corruption within the bureau—that until the election of President Trump went undetected—alone is justification to sniff out any possibility that might exist to confirm (or deny) the involvement of high profile Democrats. These dragnets should necessarily also snag any celebrities, royals, or republicans that also might be exposed.

It’s the right thing to do.

Having said that it’s also entirely possible to believe that the pedophile in question did mysteriously convince his handlers that he wasn’t a threat to himself and that he was properly processed when taken off “suicide watch” and returned to his “regular” incarceration. 

It’s possible that he took his own life, of his own volition.

Yet even in that leftists still played a role.

The idea that elites live by different rules than everyday people surprises no one. That they in fact can do so with some level of impunity makes regulars feel angry about the disparity, or apathetic and indifferent towards the idea of “justice for all.”


When the extreme elite run the risk of world-ending exposure for themselves, what is a bit more illegality in the effort to prevent every skeleton from falling from the closet?

The investigations will determine.

But there is another crucial role leftism played in Epstein’s departure from this life. 

The fracturing of the human soul takes its toll

Even if a person drugs their own conscience, medicates their own soul, and self hypnotizes their rational ability to think there always remains a moment of moral truth.

This week as the unearthing of thousands of documents of evidence began to be poured over, as leaks began to hit news coverage, and as famous names began to be revealed, Epstein came face to face with that reality. 

The lie he had been sold, and that he had sold to others—that in essence—there is no objective morality—began to crumble. 

Horrifically the damage has been done. Young children’s hearts, innocence, and bodies have been violated. The rape and trauma leveled against the innocent is staggering. And whether Epstein ever had believed in the existence of God or not previously, suddenly the very biblical idea of “be sure your sins will find you out” was playing in full dimension in his mind.

The culture he had been immersed in—and in large he had helped create—was built on the false premise that there is no objective morality. There are no rules about sex, propriety, consent, family, responsibility or even good and evil in the culture that Epstein lived in.


There are barely any of those rules in the modern, dominant culture of American leftism. 

Sexual anarchy has replaced sexual propriety. Unburdened hedonism has replaced marital restraint. Academia—not satisfied with successfully undefining marriage, has moved on to begin arguing for the justification of child/adult “consensual” sexual relationships.

The philosophical bridge of a leftist professor arguing the need to legalize pedophilia, and a billionaire entertaining those leftist ideas for his friends “simply because they can” seems to me—a very short one.

Our leftist media, progressive culture, and democrat politicians constantly denigrate a Vice President who practices being “above reproach” on purpose. They mock those who attempt to live by the moral standards drawn from holy writ. They attempt to demean public policy that exalts modesty, humility, marriage, and monogamy.

They also take insane delight when someone who holds those values—genuinely or not—ends up failing them on some level.

Their argument literally consists of supporting a President who perpetrated adulterous “action” from interns while in the White House, all while condemning a Vice President who seeks to have a conscience filled with integrity by just having someone witness his behavior when around a woman he is not married to.


We are a culture that brazenly insists that “there are no rules!”

But we fake outrage and bewilderment when the natural argument of that line of thinking plays itself out to its logical conclusion at the end of a rope in federal prison.

I want the Attorney General to ferret out whether or not Democratic thugs put a hit on Epstein to attempt to shut him up.

But the thinking that contributed to the polluted life and inglorious end of that person was certainly rooted in the very philosophy that a morality-free progressive left champions every single day.

It harms us all to say otherwise.

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