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AP Photo/Jim Mone

You’ve heard them deny it, right?

Democrats attempting to make some very thinly veneered argument that they’d never want illegal aliens to vote.

Yet they usually make this argument in the midst of advocating for either an open border, illegals to be given some “modest amount” of domestic services/resources (education/healthcare,) or the issuance of a driver’s license.

That last idea, I was told off the record by a very “moderate” and “common sense” Republican, only concerns him because of the worry that it might lead to a non-citizen being able to vote.

Which is worth worrying about!

After all wasn’t the basis for all the “concern” regarding the possible collusion of the 2016 campaigns and Russia built upon the idea that people who were not citizens of our nation would effect the sovereign outcome of our citizens’ freely and properly self determined choice?

When my “moderate” Republican friend admitted his deeply held concern a hardened democratic politico (in the same conversation) replied, “They (the Democratic Party in New York State) would never let that happen.”

Sadly at that very moment, the allies of that very politico, were halfway through the process of passing legislation that would have: presented an easy way to automatically register illegals, let the system do so unchecked, and if ever caught—given the voter and the state plausible deniability and zero legal penalties.

Thankfully the efforts of a pair of state legislators exposed it. But they did so only after it had flown through a Democratic majority State Assembly and was cueing up for final passage in a rubber stamp State Senate where the Democratic Governor would’ve signed it in the dead of night. 

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Last week the Democratic-controlled Assembly and Senate passed and the Democratic Governor signed a bill finally granting drivers’ licenses to illegals. They had attempted to pass this for the last eight years but finally having the numbers in both chambers. PLUS with the Governor’s signature, they were able to slam it through.
  2. Three days later they try to pass legislation that would automatically register those persons obtaining licenses to be registered to vote.
  3. The language in the bill added an “opt out” box for persons not legally residing in the country to voluntarily check.
  4. Days after receiving the registration the state voter registration office would send notice to the newly registered voter of their need to register as a member of a party in order to be eligible to vote in primary elections.
  5. In the event that the now registered voter failed to opt-out voluntarily, and in fact did cast registered but illegal votes, language in the bill gave legal cover by stating zero penalties would be leveled for such action. 

Thankfully as the Governor was dragging the State Assembly and Senate through the dead of night to finish their work State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and a colleague began to raise awareness of the bill and the issues I just mentioned.

The Democrats in control attempted to initially deny the legislation meant what it plainly said, then they attempted to pass it with a pledge that they would fix the problematic language after passage, and finally they agreed to pull the measure—that was on final passage.

Governor Andrew Cuomo incredibly, and with zero credibility, attempted to claim that he’d “never” have signed such a measure. Yet it was authored, passed, and defended entirely by Cuomo’s agents in the legislature.

If you’re reading this elsewhere in the nation you may think this is a singularly “New York problem.” 

But as you can see, the blueprint was very well thought through and almost flawlessly executed. 

And while the measure was pulled this time, Malliotakis is now running for Congress to recapture a formerly Republican seat that is currently occupied by an Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporting Democrat: Max Rose. If she is successful in her quest, state democrats may try again in the next legislative session.

If a watchdog isn’t paying attention at 3 a.m. in a one-party dominated state, suddenly that state could find illegals casting thousands of votes in the all important races on the 2020 ballot.

Democrats must be exposed.

Illegals must not be given state IDs or driver’s licenses especially in states where the Department of Motor Vehicles intersects automatically with voter registration. 

Democrats are using such systems to collude with those who are not citizens, to steal our elections, and must be stopped.

One last thought...

And no one has been able to explain it to me to date...

Why are we so concerned with giving documentation to those who drive our roads illegally, when we showed nearly zero concern about those same persons’ documentation when they showed up at our southern border—a child in hand that they were unrelated to—knowing that 90 percent of them would never show up for an asylum hearing to certify their permission to be here to begin with?

Could it be for Democrats to commit the broadest voter fraud possible?

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