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(Townhall Media/Storm Paglia)

Anybody see that rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin last night?

According to most national media sources it evidently didn’t happen.

The owners of the Resch Center didn’t take long to confirm that the arena holds 10,300 when fully configured for maximum seating, Elton John squeezed 10,414 into it in 2003, and last night President Trump set a “not even close” all-time record for attendance.


And that was just inside the arena.

People had camped outside since Thursday on the premises to be in line and get their seat.

In another rust belt state of Michigan barely a month ago Trump shattered similar all-time attendance records (inside) and the arena was forced to accommodate another ten thousand or so on the lawn outside.

A staffer for my media company who was in attendance last night confirmed similar attendance for the Wisconsin rally sending me pictures live from the event as it unfolded.

The press doesn’t wish to report it. So they ignore it.

Already convinced that one of the 20 declared candidates for the Democratic nomination will be able to take the incumbent on, they believe there’s no need to report on the news of the President’s remarkable popularity.

Democrats and Never-Trump “geniuses” like Bill Kristol believe that the impeachment drone from Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff will be all that’s necessary to take him down. 

In fact they have searched high and low for the combination of factors to defeat him.

So I thought I’d make it easy for them. Here’s the almost resolute plan to bring him down and to prevent him from successfully being re-elected.

Don’t Run A Socialist As The Nominee. Find a free market candidate who is willing to deregulate Government control and involvement from the economy and you have the basis for a rational vote. If instead the focus becomes why Government must supply for you the things the voter has been freed up for the last two years to provide on their own and without the interference of DC in their lives then it’s a sure fire head on collision with defeat. Sadly for Trump’s opponents every one of the Democratic candidates has already taken the campaign tactic of promising free stuff. Free stuff paid for by others. Wait — free stuff paid for by job holders. People would rather have a job that has wages on the rise than free stuff that’s not all that great and paid for in the most costly way possible.


Don’t Endorse The Green New Deal. Since the price is estimated (best case scenario) at our nation’s full GDP for a minimum of 15 years, its probably a loser. Even the woman who proposed it (and magically got every Democrat in elected office to endorse it) claims the world has only twelve years to implement it if it wishes to survive. So how does taxing 100% of all earnings and divesting all other spending priorities (defense, infrastructure, education, entitlements, etc.) for 15 years help us anyway? But God Bless ‘em, they cant help it. The Congressperson from the Bronx who literally had roughly 11,000 votes total cast for her said it had to be—and now every Democratic candidate marches in lockstep.

Don’t Promise To “Reverse Trump.” As much as it might boggle the mind, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Women, young workers, and dozens of other “categories” of job holders don’t want anything to be done to Trump’s policies. They like knowing that every available worker in their respective households have finally found the jobs that Joe Biden and his boss pledged would “never return.” They like earning the best wages they’ve ever earned, and they especially like these things in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, West Virginia & North Carolina. People keep remarking that #SleepyJoe is the guy who can “go toe to toe with Trump” in those states. But those are the very states that languished under the Obama-Biden policies that saw tens of thousands of jobs leave America. Those are the states that witnessed the (Biden-described “big effing deal”) Affordable Care Act ruin job creation, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


Don’t Insult Americans Who Care About America. Another seeming requirement for entry into the Democratic race for the nomination is to see if one’s loyalty is higher to global peoples than to American citizens. Evidently if you do not grant leniency for persons who tried to join ISIS, congressional representatives like Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib get to label you a white supremacist. On Wednesday America went to bed thinking good old moderate Joe Biden was going to announce his candidacy in the morning. Little did anyone know he was going to have called the majority in 30 of 50 states “Nazis” before breakfast.

Don’t Promise To Tear Down The Wall. It’s pretty simple Mr. O’Rourke (the Irishman)—Americans can’t afford any more illegal immigration. It doesn’t matter if the Pope says it’s ok or not. The Pope doesn’t have to fork over the $116,000,000,000.00 (with a “B”) that illegal immigrants cost this nation in annual access to public services. Additionally for those of you still yammering about “all the taxes” that illegal immigrants pay, please go read Kristin B. Tate’s column from last week at The Hill. When you subtract the $19 billion in taxes paid by illegals last year, we still had a negative cash flow of $97,000,000,000.00 (with a B.) For all the dubious math flunkies currently serving in Congress and chairing committees: the cost of $5-$27 billion for a wall, pays for itself with a huge bonus in less than a year.


Don’t Allow Your Nomination Process To Be Dominated By Leftist Radicals. Badly for you,

California has pushed itself up into the early races for the nomination process. This has played directly into the change of strategy for Democrats in 2019. When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama successfully captured the Democrat nominations, they could go to church in Iowa, talk about individual liberties in New Hampshire, go to more church in South Carolina, talk about the need of conservative senior policy in Florida, and do even more Baptist Church barbecues on Super Tuesday before turning to the progressive granola capital of planet earth. In 2019 now they have to compete for the enormous basket of delegates in California immediately, and the race to the left lane at the highest speed possible is changing the nature of the Democrat nominee rollout.

There are probably dozens more that could be added.

Don’t Promote Infanticide.

Don’t Promise to Raise Taxes.

Don’t Promote Transgender Athletes to the Exclusion of Women.

Don’t Seek to Punish People of Faith.

Don’t Promise to Use the Courts to Promote Progressive Policies from Unelected Judges.

Don’t Be Beholding to Left Wing Lobbyists.

Don’t Support Anti-Semitic Members of Your Own Party.


In other words just be a rational candidate, motivated for the best welfare of the tax-payer, and work eighteen hours a day for the complete success of America.

But you’re not capable of doing this.

And let’s be really honest, even if you did, Trump would still beat you. After all he has a track record of greater success in only 2.5 years, than #SleepyJoe Biden has in six terms in Congress and eight years as Vice President.

And this is why almost as many tens of thousands of Americans sit on lawns outside arenas as sit inside them to hear his plans for keeping America great.

And they will continue to do so... Even if the media decides to never mention it.

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