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Why The Left Always Lies About Children

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The political, theological, and cultural left in America believe in using children as pawns. 

They do it on as many different fronts as they can.

They lie about doing it, and then lie about lying about doing it.


It’s stomach churning because their pretend outrage is almost always about why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president, rather than what’s best for actual children.

I’ve had enough!

A Facebook post on Saturday declared with righteous indignation: Isaiah 10:1-2

    “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to deprive the poor of their rights & withhold justice from the oppressed…”

This post was in response to a Time magazine article taking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to task for awkwardly sticking Romans 13 into a discussion on immigration law last week. The poster who posted it received many sympathetic comments from people who were "just heartbroken” over the “circumstances” at the southern border regarding what  authorities are supposed to do with children when their parents are arrested.

The left doesn’t care about these children. They don’t care about the law (it was an Obama administration initiative.) They don’t care about the toll it’s taking on the families, and to my knowledge no one--on any of the threads I’ve seen--where all the feigned sadness is being poured out--have taken one step towards doing anything about it. None of them have opened their homes to any of these children, or illegal immigrants at large for that matter.

But *sigh* they will on Facebook.

I will not hesitate an iota to admit that Jeff Sessions has been about as awkward and an ill fit for public viewing as any Attorney General we’ve ever seen. As my very good friend Georgi Boorman, of the Federalist, pointed out, he has seemed to make the situation more awkward due to his antiquated mannerisms and language.


But Sessions isn’t wrong.

The law, as it is currently written, dictates that we do not house children—especially quite young minors—in prison with adults. You’d think the indignant Facebook poster would understand this, she and her husband have spent much of their adult life fighting the abuse of human trafficking. If we want what’s best for children we will certainly keep them as far from such places as is humanly possible.

The faux indignant on this issue are correct on this point: the children did nothing to put themselves into these situations.

You know who did? 

Lots of adults around them. Parents in some of these situations have lost their children due to the inability to even prove they are the child’s parent. Couple that with the reality that you have had numerous cases of smugglers taking children from the band of people they are smuggling and in turn are using them as a supposed child of their own and now you’ve got really bad people—smugglers (truly evil)—mixed with more minimal law breakers (illegal border crossers)—and all of them are using the child in one way or another to advance their cause.

This has nothing to do with legal immigration either. The establishment of such procedures is designed inherently to protect children from being pawned in such back-and-forths, by both the children’s guardians as well as ill-intended criminals and governmental authorities.


Never mind that the purpose of the policy is to highly discourage people from making those dangerous treks across central America and Mexico in the first place. The genuine purpose even being to save lives that otherwise too often wind up lost.

But you didn’t hear that from the third grade mentality in the Stephen Colbert rant that the said Facebook poster’s friends kept re-posting.

I went so far as to ask the woman—because I did not wish to make an assumption—was: did she genuinely want those children in adult prison, and as to whether we should allow children of all inmates to be in the prisons with them? 

Don’t shake your head, I know it was a ridiculous question, but not one that as of the writing of this column she was able to answer. (Or willing.)

What Colbert, TIME Magazine, and Facebookers were also unwilling to admit is that children are being used to gain illegal entry into the country. Department of Homeland Security has noted the uptick in smuggling operations and the extent the use of children is being implemented. That is and should be considered criminal.

We enforce the laws and even administer consequences for crime, because crime must not be allowed to flourish. Chaos is the outcome. Ask the people who live in the southern most thirty mile region of Arizona that has become uninhabitable by law-abiding citizens. 

But we also enforce laws because it deters additional crime. When we repeatedly deport without consequence, the dangerous activity of attempting to break back into the country is repeated. Under Sessions’ justice department enforcement (prosecution) is increasing—which is causing the “separation” crisis. But overall (even with a slight spike this spring) illegal entry into the US is on the decline. That’s good.


Legal immigration is ordered. It is not oppressive (contrary to what the Facebooker was implying in posting the verse above) to ask people to enter the country in an orderly fashion. It isn’t even immoral to do so.

We are blessed to live in a nation that has the opportunity that we have and I personally hope that we remain a beacon to people that seek that hope. If that means we need to increase the levels of legal immigration then thats a discussion also worth having.

A couple of final thoughts. I know several of the commenters that weighed in on the Facebooker’s thread. These folks were fine with the networks pushing the shooting victims of Parkland Florida onto the national stage, but none wished to hear from the kids who disagreed. These ladies were all about the women’s march, and on some level were hostile to the March for Life. They have also gladly repeated this false meme that “children are being ripped” from families on the southern border, but care not a peep to mention that Planned Parenthood literally rips children from their mothers’ wombs before slicing them into sellable pieces.

As Boorman points out we can enforce the law in humane ways. We can also do a better job of explaining the dangers and why stricter enforcement saves children’s lives. We can even admit that Sessions is goofy and has underwhelmed in his performance in public. But he isn’t wrong.


Obeying the law, is good for everyone. Teaching children to obey the law is healthy. Being a nation where laws are observed and followed, has been key to why others have wished to come here. 

None of this matters to the “just heartbroken” that get their critical thinking skills from Stephen Colbert.

The left lies about children. They use them as pawns. They do it all the time.

They lie about doing.

They lie about lying about doing it.

And those of us who do care and take actions to demonstrate it have simply had enough.

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