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While President Obama was in Cairo preaching Islamist propaganda to the ears of Muslim students this last week, his administration was carrying out an even more sinister agenda. While he was willfully misleading the television audience as to the "tolerance" that Islam allows, he quietly nominated a man who teaches students to hate parents. While President Obama seemingly praised the earliest traces of recognition of Sharia law on U.S. soil (women being subjugated into wearing hajibs even in America), he stealthily put forward a nominee who refused to report a sexual relationship where a man was molesting a school age boy, even though the law required him to do so.

To call Obama's plan this last week to nominate Kevin Jennings to the Department of Education dishonest, while he himself was spreading factually incorrect information himself to an Islamist audience and the enemies concealed therein some sort of deception times two, would be like calling the pacific ocean a puddle, NBC's Brian Williams a kiss up, or the new national 9.4% unemployment a hiccup.

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To wit, Obama sought to distract with his own, "Once, Twice, Three times a Muslim" act in Cairo, all the while praying that no one would notice that a protector of a child sodomist was being given access to children in our public schools.

Kevin Jennings is not just your normal activist nominee. He is a firm advocate of mandated affirmation of approval of homosexual actions by school children, and to this end, his involvement with the GLSEN's "Day of Silence" has moved them to go beyond that to demand "Queer Proms" in the local public schools, and to lobby for legislation in each state to change the definition of marriage to make it mean something it has never meant.

With Jennings' support, the GLSEN chapter in Connecticut has begun pushing not just for "tolerance" or "acceptance" of those who choose to engage in homosexuality in the public schools, but they have actually created an "activity" for the school systems which pushes "positive levels of attitude" such as mandated "admiration" and "nurturance."

In his past, Jennings has left quite a swath of destructive choices as well. He authored the forward for the book titled Queering Elementary which argues for the teaching of sexual "identity" (what you could easily call "indoctrination", "initiation", or "brainwashing") to the children in the elementary education stage of life. The book is so disturbing that it reportedly includes a description of how to "properly" teach a seven year old girl to masturbate.

Because we all know that seven year old girls don't already have enough challenges in this world without being quickly inducted into the "get yourself off" stage of life.

Jennings also has a reckless past of undermining parental rights, even usurping them all together on the judgment of merely his own whim.

In a documented case that Jennings now admits to, he once counseled a young boy who had been molested by an older male teacher. The confused student naturally turned to an adult figure for explanations, support, and direction. But when this issue came to Jennings attention, even though the law required his notification of the parents, the school district, and the local law enforcement authorities, Jennings now admits he notified no one. He expresses no regrets of his actions then, and has never indicated if a similar situation to materialize that he would follow any different path.

Admittedly, President Obama has had a rather ugly run of horrible nominees: finance people who cheated on taxes, Cabinet members who slandered our service men and women at Gitmo without checking (and upon checking and admitting that Gitmo is an above average facility still not apologizing or correcting the matter), and most recently a judicial nominee who evidently has been saying for over a decade that Latina women are morally superior to all white males. But the nomination of Kevin Jennings breaks new territory, one that endangers the health, happiness, and welfare of your child, and every other child in the public education system.

The role that Jennings has been nominated for would have a nearly accountability-free hand to institute and implement a policy of normalization of sexual deviancy in the schools. No real checks or balances to be seen, and an aggressively intent advocate pushing the envelope.

President Obama is one of the savvier presidents ever to serve.

His ability to "head-fake" one direction, pivot then move the opposite way, is something he has employed regularly throughout these early days of his administration.

His comments in Cairo were patently false, offensive, and empowering to our enemies.

His nomination in the shadow of night empowers those who seek to change the values, thoughts, and principles we as parents are attempting to instill in our children.

This early attempt to push through an advocate of sexual deviancy should be swatted away, with fervor, for the safety of our children.

And in doing so not only will they be protected, but the President will be able to see that we still have the vigilance to measure his actions and hold him accountable.

After all he works for us, NOT the other way around.

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