Kevin James

Kevin James
Obama Squandered the Leverage to Stop the AIG Bonuses
By Kevin James
Just two weeks ago, President Obama and his Congress handed over another $30 billion to AIG (on top of the ...
March 20, 2009
Memo To McCain: Five Action Items To Prove Your Committment To Border Security
By Kevin James
For the next six months, John McCain will be the most powerful Senator on Capitol Hill. Maverick no more, McCain ...
March 06, 2008
Global Warming: The All-Purpose Farce to Control Your Life
By Kevin James
Democrats say they want government to stay out of your bedroom. Actually, they want government in every room of your house ...
January 21, 2008
If the Mitchell steroid report is wrong, Where are the lawsuits?
By Kevin James
Actions speak louder than words, and legal actions often speak loudest of all – which is why the absence of ...
December 20, 2007
Enforcement-First Conservatives Say "Thank You" to Nancy Pelosi
By Kevin James
Our efforts to end the illegal alien invasion occasionally need a good shot in the arm. The best shot ...
December 07, 2007
Its your credibility, stupid!
By Kevin James
Members of the U.S. Senate seemed genuinely surprised that the American people so vehemently objected to the Senate Immigration ...
July 09, 2007
How big will the new agency be?
By Kevin James
Why isn’t anyone talking about the new governmental agency needed to implement the Senate’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill? For weeks ...
June 18, 2007
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