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Dietrich Bonhoeffer gravely warned: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil... Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Using Bonhoffer’s truth as our test, we all should consider whether we have been silent after observing the grotesque racism of the Los Angeles City Council. Another is whether we are meekly silent when we observe criminals committing horrible crimes and then being immediately released from jail so they can engage in even more heinous acts. What about when we are silent after seeing multiple instances of ruthless thugs randomly attacking and maiming elderly citizens? Following the basic logic and tenets of Bonhoeffer’s quote: If you are not expressing outrage about the brazen attack on humanity, you are complicit in evil!


Usually outspoken leaders of the Democratic Party were quiet when observing manifest racism from the president and leaders of Los Angeles City Council who (for example) deemed “Mexican Americans” as “a lot of little short dark, ugly people.” They remained quiet despite learning the president of the Council was quoted calling the son of a fellow council member “a little monkey who needs a beat down.” Everyone should agree the grotesquely hateful racist remarks require a strong response and the demand for immediate resignations. Yet, while there was an outcry from people groups living in Los Angeles, there were few (or no) condemnations demanding immediate resignations from Newsom, Biden, or any other leaders in the Democrat Party. Why? If we apply the sentiment of Bonhoeffer’s quote, we’d have to say they’re acting in ways complicit with evil!

Perhaps asserting someone may be complicit with evil based on a single incident is too harsh. But what about other incidences that include lenient policies that actually encourage rampant crimes? Don’t crimes committed by repeat offenders who take full advantage of “no cash bail reforms” deserve rebuke? Repeat criminals who commit crimes are too often immediately released, enabling them to engage in an escalating cascade of even more brazen crimes (often more aggressive and heinous, even leading to the deaths of many innocent victims). With countless incidents of rampant grotesque criminality fully enabled by Left/Progressive/Democrat District Attorneys (DAs), shouldn’t there be screams of “injustice” from both political Parties? We should hear them roundly condemning and rejecting DAs who fail to protect citizens (instead of using the authority of their office to encourage and support endless crimes and criminals). But alas, Democrat leadership, including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and respective Democrat mayors and governors, are silent…complicit! Is it fair to now judge whether actions are complicit with evil based on Bonhoeffer’s warning?


We’re all reading about the rash of innocent elderly citizens being set upon by ruthless thugs, some being stabbed, some clubbed and nearly beaten to death at the hands of heartless cowards committed to wreaking maximum havoc in Democrat Cities. Anyone possessing morals and a conscience should be appalled! There should be a unified agreement to change laws to ensure mentally disturbed violent criminals don’t freely roam the streets looking for their next victim (often elderly or Asian). While everyone can see manifest carnage and moral decay throughout our major cities, regrettably Democrats (generally) are silent and seemingly wholly complicit. Is it fair to judge leaders of the Democratic Party for being complicit with evil now? 

Maybe the focus on Democratic leadership is unfair. Speaking more broadly, if Democrat party voters (generally) are silent amid rampant evils precipitated by policies embraced by the leadership of the Party, aren’t they themselves complicit? If Democrats don’t hold their leaders accountable for such gross derelictions and instead continue to vote them into power, aren’t those voters guilty of the evils? While thoughtful, moral, ethical, and principled Democrats are hard to find, Tulsi Gabbard is one who now rejects blindly following Party evils. But she’s just one person! Where are others who reject the racist actions and abhorrent policies of the Party? 


Maybe it’s hard to imagine that all “die-hard” Democrats are evil. But in light of Bonhoeffer’s message, we must consider that possibility. Perhaps there are a large number of Democrats who have already emotionally left the Party, but due to the Leftist horrors of “cancel culture” and corrosive pressures of Progressive wokeism, they don’t feel safe announcing their displeasure and departure. So perhaps they will send a message on November 8th!

Will you send a message on November 8th? Are you happy going along with evil policies? Do you support evil persons? Answering these questions will help you answer for yourself whether you tacitly embrace evil. But perhaps you won’t know for sure until you sincerely and introspectively ponder the policies of the Party (and its leadership) and cast your vote accordingly.

In light of Bonhoeffer’s moral clarity, November 8th will confirm much. Electoral outcomes will reveal whether there are a significant number of tacitly evil individuals and demonstrate the degree to which we have devolved into an evil nation.

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) is committed to standing against all evil! We are committed to combating racism/racists, crimes/criminals, and any notable evils enshrined in public policies. Join us! Working together, we can help foster a commitment to regain an America committed to combating all evils (domestic and abroad). 

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