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The United States is currently nearly two months into the presidency of incumbent Joe Biden. For the last four years, conservatives heard nothing besides name-calling and incessant whining over some of the preconceived notions the left had about then-President Donald Trump. He was called a fascist oligarch with no care for the democratic process. He was criticized early in his presidency for trying to dominate foreign policy with fears of being an authoritarian war hawk and called a racist for his approach toward the shifting culture divide in the country.


Do these acclaims not sound exactly like President Biden's agenda thus far?

Often, attacks in politics are not warranted, and if they are, it is often hypocritical, which is why the coverage of this presidency thus far has been so sadly entertaining. To witness Joe Biden's presidency slowly becoming one of the most authoritarian presidencies of all time is something a lot probably saw coming, but not this quickly. 

Let's look at his approach to governing. While none of the policies that he has campaigned on have passed through the U.S. Senate yet, he has certainly been busy in other regards, such as the 60+ executive orders he has signed just two months into 'governing.' Now, what is the meaning of "fascism" the left likes to refer to? According to Merriam-Webster, fascism includes "an emphasis of autocratic government," which would perfectly fit the description of a man who has no regard for any policy going through the proper process of congressional voting.

Anyone who pays any attention to the news knew that when Trump was elected, the mainstream media were fearful that he would attempt to bomb the entire world as if he was some war hawk psychopath. After his presidency, Trump ended up becoming one of the most efficient peacemakers, in terms of policy and not starting a new war, in the last century with his work on treaties and agreements overseas between rivaling countries. 


Joe Biden, on the other hand, seems to be going in the opposite direction. On February 25, just 37 days into his term and without even consulting Vice-President Kamala Harris, Biden's administration decided to launch a missile strike on Iranian forces in Syria that justified his neoliberal, interventionist history. Biden’s past should have told nearly every voter what to expect, at least foreign policy-wise, of what his presidential approach to militaristic involvement was going to be. But alas, the media never wanted to dig up that past of him supporting the Iraqi war or even his current blockage of the effort to bring home troops from Afghanistan.

Now for the cultural divide. While President Trump made issues such as heavily funding Historical Black Colleges and Universities and criminal justice reform a priority, there has been no real evidence that President Biden or his administration will fulfill the promises he made to the black community. What proof is there? He championed the 1994 Crime Bill, has told his own black voter demographic, "if you do not vote for me, then you ain't black," and given no hint to how he is going to go about reforming the justice system. The American electorate is left with no idea of how he is going to work on issues that have been a focal point over the last four years, which is tremendously concerning since he and Harris made it an important issue of their campaign. Yet still, the mainstream media and those on the left have outright refused that this could be a potential problem, and are instead just thankful they do not have to deal with a Trump administration any longer. 


The mainstream media and a majority of the left should emphasize why they despised the Trump administration, then look in the mirror to see if they are criticizing Biden in the same way. He proves them to be unbelievable hypocrites standing idly by as he legislates from a desk by putting more soldiers, minorities, and the Constitution itself at risk. Perhaps over the next few months, there might be a shift from this autocratic, neoliberalist administration we have endured thus far. But at this stage, that doesn't seem very likely. 

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