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Kansas has paid a heavy price since losing the Governor’s Mansion in 2018.  But, with conservative leadership that knows how to fight and win, we’ve begun to take back our state. 


I’m a lifelong Kansan, a wife, a proud mom of four kids, a conservative attorney, and a citizen legislator. Prior to 2018, I’d never run for office — but I decided to step up because our Kansas House representative was a liberal incumbent who claimed to be a “Republican,” and it needed to change. 

After I dropped my kids off at school, I knocked on every door in the district and won the race. 

I stepped up again in 2020, because another status quo Republican was the state Senator representing our district. The district itself has a history of voting Democrat in November. As a result, the so-called “experts” told me a conservative couldn’t win. I didn’t listen to the experts but to the grassroots.  I defeated the incumbent, ran in November as the conservative that I am, and flipped the seat to conservative Republican by six percentage points. 

Today, I’m the first woman to ever chair the Senate Judiciary Committee in Kansas. In that role, I’ve fought and won for Kansas conservatives. 

I led the Value Them Both Amendment — a pro-life amendment that protects existing laws regulating abortion in Kansas — through the Senate. Now it’s on the ballot for Kansans to vote on this year. 


I pushed a bill banning sanctuary cities in Kansas through the Senate, testified in support of it, and pressured our Democrat governor to sign it into law — and this year alone I’ve passed multiple bills empowering law enforcement and strengthening penalties against child abusers.

And during the pandemic, I rewrote Kansas’ emergency management statutes to end our Democrat governor’s lockdowns and mandates. This year, I’ve kept up the fight to ban all school and government mask mandates in Kansas. 

If you only saw what we’ve accomplished this year, you’d say Kansas is setting an example for states across the country when it comes to keeping communities safe, enforcing the law, and ending the mandates. 

However, we’ve really only just begun to take back our state. Our statewide loss in 2018 needlessly gave us a Democrat governor.  Imagine how much more we could’ve accomplished — and how much pain could’ve been avoided — if that hadn’t happened.  

That’s why I’m stepping up to run for Kansas Attorney General. 

The office of Attorney General is one of the most important state offices in the country. It’s one of the last lines of defense against the Biden administration who wants to “sue until we’re blue.” 


So, we need a conservative in that position who knows how to fight and win. We need leaders who’ve shown they can win in court. We need leaders who have a proven conservative track record when the stakes are great.  And Kansas Republicans know better than most that we need leaders who can win tough elections. 

My reputation is that of a Constitutional conservative who knows how to fight and win — be it in the legislature, the courtroom, or in tough elections against Democrats and Republicans. So, I’m stepping up again. Yes, we’ve begun to take back our state. But we can’t take our foot off the gas — or our eyes off November — now. 

Kellie Warren is a Republican Senator who chairs the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee and a candidate for Attorney General in 2022.

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