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Moms, Dads Defend Kanye West’s Abortion Tweet with Moving Testimonies

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Kanye West is facing vitriolic backlash on social media after speaking out against abortion. But his comments inspired something else too: mothers, fathers, and others are flocking to Twitter in solidarity to share their personal stories of how abortion has wounded them.

On July 31, the rapper tweeted that he was “concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry” about abortion. His comments came after he held a presidential campaign event for himself in South Carolina, where he revealed that he initially wanted to abort his oldest daughter with Kim Kardashian West, 7-year-old North.

"Even if my wife wants to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world even when I didn't want to,” he stressed at the rally. After adding that his mother also saved him from abortion, West screamed repeatedly through his tears, "I almost killed my daughter!" 

More recently on Twitter, Kanye added to his original comments.

“I cried at the thought of aborting my first born and everyone was so concerned about me,” he typed on July 31. “I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject.”

While hundreds of people condemned him on social media, others offered their support – by sharing their own personal stories regarding abortion.

One woman named Reina tweeted at Kanye, saying that for her firstborn, she “had the same thought.”

“I was too young and the guy didn’t want me, but I was strong for my son,” she added. “I knew what was easy but I also knew what was right. He’s about to turn 21 and I love him so much!!!!!”

Another woman named Rachel revealed, “I killed my 2 children through abortion” and, as a result, “my soul never stopped crying.”

“My abortions didn't mean I wasn't a mum,” she explained. “I just became a mum of 2 dead children, Jude and Paul.”

A mother named Meaghan wrote about her aborted daughter, urging, “I am grieving her every single day.”

“Rest in Peace, little one, my sweet little Naomi,” she added. “I know you are in God's arms, and I can't wait to hold you in mine.”

Another woman named Lisa tweeted at Kanye, “I am so sorry.”

“My daughter's father tried to force me to get an abortion but just don't believe in it,” she wrote. “She is now 8 years old and my mini me.”

Another woman named Nina stressed, “I understand those emotions.”

“I've had medical professionals ask if I wanted abortions,” she said. “I really love all my kids & could cry thinking how offhanded they were about abortion.”

One mother shared that she “had a mental breakdown” after her abortion. “I was forced by my husband when I was 19,” she added.

Alongside mothers, fathers also pushed back against abortion. 

One dad shared that “What would have been my first-born was aborted without my knowledge.” He added, “I still wonder what he or she would be like 30 years later.”

One husband tweeted, “When My wife and I found out she was pregnant with our 4th Child we thought about it for about a hot minute.”

“Bridgette is now 36 and we still beat ourselves up for even having the thought,” he continued. “God protect the Children........and forgive us.”

Another man remembered when his wife was “having minor issues with her pregnancy and the ER doctor wanted to abort the baby immediately.”

“The OB/GYN found out and said absolutely not!” he added. “My daughter is now eight years old.”

Another rapper, Spouse, admitted that even though he wasn’t “in favor of men telling women what to do with their bodies,” he still sympathized with Kanye.

He stressed that he had three daughters and “thinking of them being aborted makes me wanna cry too.”

Others shared stories of their family members confronting abortion, including one woman who remembered when her brother's girlfriend got pregnant and obtained an abortion.

“He wanted the baby and she didn't,” she said. “He turned to drugs to deal with loss. After 30 years, he's still trying to get clean.”

Another tweeter shared, “My mom kept me even though her parents pushed her hard to end me.”

But, he continued, “both her sisters (my aunt's) did not keep theirs and both died of addiction caused from the sense of loss and guilt.”

One person shared that “I was unwanted disabled orphan and I am glad my mother didn’t do that to me.”

“It hurts me people think my life and others lives are a choice,” he typed. “It not a choice. We human beings from conception.”

While the media might not report on it, Kanye West isn’t alone in recognizing the destruction of abortion.

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