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Supreme Court Abortion Ruling: Celebrities Declare ‘Victory for Women’

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Celebrities may not always have the most compelling arguments – but they do boast an audience. Case in point: When the Supreme Court recently sided with abortion providers, they flocked to social media to celebrate the news with millions of fans. 

On June 29, the Supreme Court justices issued their ruling in June Medical Services v. Russo. The majority struck down a 2014 Louisiana law that required abortionists to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals so that patients could be easily transferred for emergency care. Taking to Twitter, celebrities from Eva Longoria Baston to Alyssa Milano and Elizabeth Banks celebrated.

They agreed with abortion supporters who argued that the law could lead to the closure of abortion clinics and place an undue burden on women. At the same time, they didn’t address the pro-life movement, which stressed women’s safety and urged that abortion providers shouldn’t have the “standing” to represent women when their interests might conflict.

Instead, celebrities, like the media, sided with abortion supporters and claimed victory.

“YES! The Supreme Court just struck down Louisiana’s anti-abortion law!” actress Eva Longoria Baston declared on June 30. “This is a victory for women everywhere who want to control what we do with our bodies! We will continue to fight!”

She wanted to know “why were they attacking our health care and rights in the first place?!” and shared a Planned Parenthood Action tweet celebrating the downfall of Lousiana’s “dangerous abortion restriction.”

The day before, actress Elizabeth Banks tweeted out a photo proclaiming “VICTORY at the U.S. Supreme Court!”

The court “just struck down Louisiana’s clinic shutdown law, which would have decimated abortion access in the state,” she warned. “This ruling means clinics in Louisiana can remain open to provide essential care to people in and around Louisiana.”

Banks continued to tweet about the case, celebrating the “WIN for #reprorights” and arguing that “For all those who think this #scotus case was about ‘protecting women’ - it never was.”

Other celebrities cried tears of joy.

“Four years ago, when I was part of the amicus brief for that #SCOTUS case, I fell to my kitchen floor and wept when the right to a safe and legal abortion was upheld,” actress Amy Brenneman shared on June 29. “Just now, I wept again.”

Comedian Lizz Winstead agreed, responding that day, “Love you Amy. Indeed a great day!”

Other big names cautioned that there was still a fight to win.

Citing a tweet from NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, actress Dana Delany chimed in on June 29: “The battle to secure abortion rights continues, but we are united!”

That same day, singer Lalah Hathaway tweeted, “Your right to an abortion remains intact—for now. Let’s keep it that way” and actress Debra Messing added, “OUR bodies, OUR choice. KEEP RESISTING.”

Many of them singled out Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other justices who issued dissenting opinions.

Actress Amber Tamblyn simply tweeted on June 29, “THIS.” She shared a tweet from a Planned Parenthood director who insisted, “Gorsuch & Kavanaugh dissented today, as Trump promised they would when he said he would pick Justices who would overturn Roe.”

“If given four more years, he could have the chance to appoint 2 more justices, guaranteeing the end of Roe,” she cautioned. “Celebrate today, back to work tomorrow.”

In disappointment, singer and actress Barbra Streisand complained on June 29 that “Brett Kavanaugh said to Senator Collins that he would respect precedence about a woman’s right to choose.”

She concluded, “He was lying.”

Likewise, actress Patricia Arquette tweeted on June 29 that “Those of us who fought against Kavanaugh’s appointment know this is a bittersweet win— we need to keep this momentum for all future fights to protect abortion access.”

For her part, Alyssa Milano worried about Chief Justice John Roberts on June 29.

“Roberts's opinion on this case proves attacks on abortion won't stop until Roe is codified into law, so we need to replace senators like Tillis, Collins, and Gardner NOW,” she demanded.

Other stars reacted more generally, such as actress Padma Lakshmi who declared that day, “Reproductive rights are human rights. Period.”

For her part, that same day, Kerry Washington tweeted in exclamation: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” while singer Sara Bareilles reacted with emojis, including hearts, to the decision.

Ironic, considering that every abortion stops a beating heart – boy and girl alike.

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