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Your Job, Deported To Mexico

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After washing down your depression with a shot of whiskey, pull yourself together. I’ll help you get your job back—from Mexico.

It’s natural to be depressed when you lose your job through no fault of your own. Millions of Americans like you are unemployed or underemployed. Specifically, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that around 94 million Americans are out of the workforce.


No matter how many times First Lady Michelle tells us we’re in a “huge recovery,” this number does not mean that 94 million Americans don’t want jobs.

Nor would this labor participation number be lower if you would “just be willing to get your hands dirty and work in the lettuce fields,” as Amnesty Ambassador Jeb Bush might say.

You and millions like you are out of steady work because President Obama—as well as Clinton, Carter and to some degree even Bush before him—have successively spent, doled and bailed America’s way into an $18.6 trillion national debt.

The only way to change this trend—and revitalize your employment prospects—is to educate more Americans on the true cause of their unemployment. Otherwise, American voters will fall for the trap of believing that the way to solve a financial crisis is to bail out Wall Street at the snap of Hillary Clinton or John Kasich’s fingers.

Inconvenient Truths

Fact: American taxpayers, including those who are underemployed and not counted in the official unemployment rate, are supporting undocumented criminals like the homeless felon who shot Millennial Kate Steinle on July 1, 2015. We’re supporting them in our penitentiary; administrative or immigration systems.

And for those living on the streets like the undocumented homeless felon who shot Ms. Steinle, we are paying for their existence in our sanctuary cities with the highest price of all—the price of our children’s lives.


Fact: The BLS and the National Center for Education Statistics recently reported that there are 6.5 million more students with college degrees than there are jobs available for them—including all of the jobs the U.S. economy is expected to create by 2022.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported earlier this year that many of America’s institutions of higher learning are giving non-American citizens precedence over American citizens for financial aid in order to “diversify” their student bodies.

Fact: According to Fox News Latino, in the year 2013, undocumented immigrants sent $22 billion in remittances back to their mother country, Mexico. Americans also dole out around $4.2 billion annually in tax credits to undocumented immigrants (based on 2011 numbers).

Thus, our overall economy is taking a hit, year after year, from undocumented immigration. If you lost your job this year as your company faced pressure to cut or outsource jobs like Burger King; Pfizer; Cargill; Disney; or 3M to name a few—blame our corrupt immigration system, which effectively deported your job to Mexico. Let me further explain…

Cargill, for example, is one of the world’s largest privately-held companies. Despite being a longtime global player, the 150-year-old Minnesota-based company announced last Friday that it would be shedding up to 4,000 jobs.


If it’s this hard for Cargill to survive, consider how much harder it is for mom and pop entrepreneurs who could be run out of business by one disgruntled customer who is “offended” by their First Amendment right not to bake a seven-tier display of “same sex” cupcakes. In America, freedom has given way to pouting and shouting.

Enough is enough. Half of Americans now make less than $28,851.21 according to brand new data from the Social Security Administration. Oh yes, and last week PewResearch reported that there are more young American women ages 18 to 34 living at home with their parents today than in 1940.

My grandmother had more opportunities as a 20-year-old in 1940—coming out of the Great Depression—than 20-year-olds of my generation do today amidst Obama’s self-proclaimed “huge recovery.” American Millennials are the first generation of Americans to do worse than their parents—even as their parents struggle to support them well into their 30s.

Obama recently announced his plan to use unconstitutional executive action to “protect” five million undocumented immigrants from deportation. When a federal appeals court panel said “No way,” Obama retorted: “My way or the highway.” Obama is now taking his case to the Supreme Court—you know, that friendly panel that found a way to do his bidding on ObamaCare.


We have a job creation problem in America, not a willingness-to-work problem. And a primary reason there are so few jobs is because the resources needed to create those jobs are going toward propping up undocumented immigration.

The reason while your son or daughter is unable to find a job upon graduation—if they are fortunate enough to not pay the ultimate price, like Ms. Steinle—may be because we are devoting time and resources to undocumented immigrants.

Share this with your friends and say “no more” to the deportation of American jobs to Mexico.

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