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The Speech Trump Must Give Now to Expose Hillary

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Here it is, Mr. Trump:

Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton, folks. She’s been selling America out on a gigantic international scale, to unfriendlies like Russia and Iran for many, many years. Selling out the county she says she wants to lead. Selling YOU out, for millions of dollars given in return to the fake Clinton Foundation charity. (gestures quote marks.) It’s not a charity; it’s a wholly-owned slush fund to benefit the Clintons. You know how Hillary keeps telling us her whole life has been about helping women and children live better lives? Her whole life! Really her whole life has been about helping her and Bill and their pals live better lives. Hillary cares about people all right. Her people – that’s who she cares about.  


In 2013 for example journalists who examined the tax records of the foundation found they gave 10 percent of their millions to charitable purposes. TEN PERCENT!  In other years they gave a little more. But most of those millions are spent on salaries for Clinton cronies and by the Clintons themselves -- flying around the world, staying at the best hotels and greasing the wheels that give their foreign pals multi-million dollar deals in exchange for millions given to the Clinton Foundation.

Probably the worst – which may well be treason in my opinion -- is the deal the Clintons engineered that ultimately gave Russia 20 percent or more – we’re not sure how much – of our U.S. uranium. You know what uranium is used for, right? It’s a strategic resource because it’s used for making nukes. And the cover there is it’s also used for nuclear energy fuel.  

The scheme began in 2005 – these people play the long game, folks. Bill Clinton flies into Kazakhstan with his buddy Canadian multi-millionaire Frank Giustra – on Frank’s private plane. They have a cozy dinner with Kazakhstan’s dictator, a guy named Nursultan Nazarbayev. The man is a brutal tyrant who oppresses his people with torture, jailing dissidents, human trafficking, sexual slavery, the works. Bill Clinton and his pal Frank Giustra don’t care about human rights.  

They and Hillary care about money. Kazakhstan has huge uranium resources and this dictator decides who they sell the uranium to. Forty-eight hours after this dinner – must have been some dinner – presto, Bill’s buddy Frank Giustra’s company scores big deals to get Kazakh uranium. And a few months later, guess what, bang, Frank Giustra donates $31.3 million to the fake Clinton Foundation.


This is classic pay-to-play, but it gets worse. It gets much more dangerous for our country. Frankie Giustra’s company merges with an outfit called UraniumOne mostly controlled by Frank and his friends. UraniumOne then starts buying up uranium claims in the U.S. And presto, Frankie announces he’s donating 100 million bucks and half his future profits, that’s HALF HIS FUTURE MILLIONS IN PROFITS PARTLY FROM OUR URANIUM, to the fake Clinton Foundation.

So why this enormous donation? Frankie was betting on the come. And this is the worst part. Enter Vladimir Putin, KGB agent in charge of Russia, salivating to dominate the uranium market to prove Russia is once again a great power. Also he wants to sell uranium to countries like Iran, where Vlad’s Russian state-owned nuclear agency, Rosatom, has built nuclear reactors and supplies them with uranium. That’s the same Iran that Clinton and Kerry and Obama did the wonderful Iran Nuke Deal with. Wonderful deal. Putin’s Russian nuclear agency also does business with North Korea where a crazed dictator, you may have heard of him, Kim somebody, keeps firing off test nukes at us. Trying to hit L.A.! So far they’ve failed. But they’ll keep trying, won’t they.   

By this time it was 2009, and Hillary was secretary of state. Rosatom, the Russian nuke agency, bought a 17 percent stake in UraniumOne. That meant it was buying into OUR uranium assets – UraniumOne had 61 projects in Wyoming alone and also owned claims in Texas, South Dakota, and Utah. They were projected to control up to HALF U.S. uranium output by 2015. That’s what the Russians were after. Our uranium.


Then the Russian nuke agency decided to buy 52 percent of UraniumOne, controlling interest. But the Russians couldn’t just buy the company outright. They needed the approval of our secretary of state and other Obama-appointed officials because there could be a national security problem if the Russians owned our uranium. Gee, ya think?

Lucky for the Russians, Hillary Clinton was secretary of state; and her husband had just collected a cool half million dollars for a speech in Moscow to a gang of high-placed Russian investment bankers and power brokers promoting Uranium One stock.

Starting to smell a little stinky here, don’t you think folks? Fishy.  Clinton got info from many sources warning of Russia’s desire to control the uranium market. Senators and congressmen had written letters warning about the danger of Russia getting our uranium. Plus, prior to Hillary’s confirmation as secretary of state, some senators were worried about her, shall we say, shaky acquaintance with the concept of honesty. So she had to sign a document promising to seek pre-approval from the Obama administration on any donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments, foreign government-owned businesses, and other possible conflicts of interest. But Hillary, as we’ve seen in the email scandal, has absolutely no intention to keep her government pledges.  

True to form, she failed to disclose the multi-million- dollar donors to the Clinton Foundation with stakes in the Uranium One Deal, donations that ultimately totaled $145 million. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE MILLION is all it cost these players to help themselves to one of America’s most critical national security resources. Because Hillary’s State Department approved that deal.


All of this is according to, not only the excellent, well-researched book, Clinton Cash, by scholar Peter Schweizer, but also articles in the New York Times and other media. Yes, sometimes even the Times tells the truth. And then we have Pravda, the Russian media mouthpiece. After the uranium deal went through Pravda headlined, “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”

Is a woman who would allow this obviously terrible danger to our nation to happen in exchange for $145 million – is this a person we want in the White House with those nuke codes?  (Wait for the NO!)

And then there’s Haiti. Poor Haiti -- we remember the 2010 earthquake. Catastrophic earthquake on this island killed 230,000 people and flattened over 125,000 homes and buildings. What a disaster. The world and the U.S. – both our government and our citizens -- sent millions in aid. Over 1.5 million people were homeless, living in tent camps. Help was on the way.

But Hillary and Bill saw this disaster, not as an opportunity to help these desperate people, but as a way to help their friends. Hillary as secretary of state and Bill as the co-chair of the Interim Haitian Relief Committee (IHRC) were the main ones responsible for deciding on the projects that would use the donated millions in rebuilding the island nation and assisting its people. That was disaster number two.

Bill saw to it that his friends got rich, very rich contracts -- for instance for thousands of homes that were never built. A lucrative gold mining contract went to a small North Carolina start-up firm that had little mining experience – BUT it did have a familiar name on the board of advisors, Tony Rodham. Yes, Hillary’s brother. A clothing factory was built with millions in U.S. taxpayer money, strangely enough, in northern Haiti untouched by the earthquake. It was to employ 60,000 Haitians but ended up with only 3,000 jobs. Who profited? Not Haitians, but U.S. companies who are long-time financial supporters of the Clintons – Target Stories, GAP, and Wal-Mart. They manufactured clothing in the new factory and exported their products tariff-free thanks to legislation lobbied and pushed through Congress by – guess who -- Bill and Hillary.  


And there’s more, lots more. You must all read the book Clinton Cash or see the film by the same name –it’s available free on YouTube. Promise me you’ll watch it. You don’t even have to sign in with your email. Just Google it. While you’re at it, Google “Haitians demonstrate at Clinton offices.”  You’ll see a bunch of videos -- Haitians in Manhattan accusing them of stealing billions of dollars meant for reconstruction, and using Haiti to funnel hundreds of millions to the Clinton Foundation. Their signs say things like “Shame on You Hillary and “Bill Clinton, Where’s the Money.”    

Bill and Hillary have come a long way since they stole thousands of dollars in furniture – really nice furniture-- from the White House on their way out of his presidency. Move the truck up, right here (gestures), yeah, pull it in there. They’ve been robbing not only Haitians, but the American people. Hillary’s cynical contempt for the safety of our nation disqualifies her for the presidency. Totally disqualifies her.

I’m all about America First. She’s all about Hillary first. Because she puts Hillary first, because she allowed our uranium to go to a Russia that sells uranium to Iran and to North Korea, our uranium could actually end up in nukes targeting our ally Israel. Or our own nation. It’s unbelievable, it really is.

So this is your choice in November: America First. Or Hillary first.


Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist and author who writes for, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. More columns:   Follow her on Twitter @JoyOverbeck1

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