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Last Thursday, the Senate Democrat minority shut down the vote on the most critical life-or-death issue of our lifetime; Iran getting nukes. The Democrats denied the representatives of the American people, the majority of whom reject this lethal “deal,” any voice in whether or not our nation gives the “Death to America!” “Death to Israel!” mob and their mullahs the means to build the nuclear bombs and buy the missile technology to make their deranged threats a reality. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has until this Thursday, a self-imposed deadline that mirrors the idiocy of the Republican brain trust, to turn this debacle around.


How incredibly broken is our Constitutional Republic when the tyranny of the minority is permitted to wield machinations whose pure insanity may well result in the destruction of Israel? Does McConnell even realize his Republicans are in the majority, overwhelmingly elected in 2012 as a Great Wall against just this kind of Obama monarchy move?

Outrageously enough, McConnell and his Republican majority single-handedly sabotaged their own Constitution-given ability to halt this disaster, first by failing to insist that this “deal” is in fact a treaty, and then by refusing to use all means necessary to stop it. “Treaty” in my Webster’s is defined as “a formal agreement between two or more states in reference to peace, alliance, commerce, or other international relations.” Of course it’s a treaty, you fatheads, and if you would have demanded it be treated as one, you could have handily rejected it as treaties constitutionally require 2/3 majority to pass the Senate.

But Leader McConnell and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) who alarmingly is actually chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, think they know better than the Founding Fathers how to kneecap an out-of-control commander- in-chief. When the Corker-Cardin bill passed the Senate 98 to one, Corker intoned, “Without this bill there is no review” of the Iran deal. Someone give that man a copy of the Constitution. And then send another to McConnell, who assured one and all, “this is a piece of legislation worthy of our support; it offers the best chance we have to provide the American people and the Congress they elect with power to weigh in on a vital issue.”


Well no. No power, no weighing in, no vote. They were outfoxed once again by Filthy Harry Reid and his crew of bully Democrats. As if the sheer laughability of these permanent Republican residents of Unicornland trying to improve on the Constitution’s safeguards against executive takeover wasn’t ridiculous enough, you’d think they would be suspicious at the fact that all the Democrats supported Corker-Cardin. When do Democrats support bipartisanship? All together now: Only when they know it will help them win in the end.

And sure enough the Democrats shamelessly used the filibuster to disembowel the nation’s founding principles that give the people’s representatives in Congress the right to decide weighty matters. By a vote of 42 to 58 the minority decided and the deal passed by not passing.

The world got a “deal” that gives this rogue nation, for decades a killer of Americans and Israelis by funding Hamas and Hezbollah jihadists, a clear path to nuclear weapons. A deal that not only bans U.S. inspectors from all Iran’s sites, but that benevolently gives U.N. permission to actually inspect themselves, using their own Iranian “nuclear experts.”

And how can we forget the $150 billion released from sanctions that will now fill the war chest of the Iranian jihadist dictatorship? Even Obama admits there’s nothing to stop the cash being spent on more worldwide terrorism, or on the advanced defensive missile system they plan to buy from Russia that would make Iran’s nuclear facilities largely attack-proof. By the way, they still hate us.


None of this alarms Obama, who told New York Times columnist Tom Friedman that after the nuclear deal was concluded, “The truth of the matter is that Iran will be and should be a regional power,” he said. “They are a big country and a sophisticated country in the region.” Our president is more than happy to see Iran dominate the Middle East.

And Obama is an expert in the Middle East. As an expert, he doubtless knows that one of the major operative principles of Islam is a concept known as taqiyya, a teaching of the Koran which permits Muslims to lie and deceive the infidel – that’s us -- to advance the purposes and goals of Islam and ultimately defeat the unbeliever. So the Democrats in the Congress have committed America to a treaty with a nation that has already told us it will lie to us.

End this charade, Senator McConnell. Do it now, by any means necessary. End the filibuster. Take the nuclear option to stop Iran’s nuclear option.

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