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Here's the Dumbest Argument Against Teachers Having Guns

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The leftists don’t even want one of their supposed core constituencies, teachers, to be safer.

This was highlighted Monday night on Shannon Bream’s up and coming Fox News @Night program.  Townhall's Guy Benson was featured on the program along with Fox News Contributor Richard Fowler to discuss the Maryland school shooting.  

Guy presented reasonable arguments for teachers, who have military and law enforcement training, being armed in the classroom on a voluntary basis.  In no way did Benson advocate the changing of the teacher’s job description to armed security officer (though teachers this day and age are almost forced to be everything else beyond their job description including being counselors, mentors, parents, etc.).

Fowler’s response to the arguments presented were laughable and ludicrous, betraying his lack of knowledge about weaponry.  Fowler said that having teachers armed would be dangerous because students would know where the gun is.  Ok, let’s start with just a few things….

1-If a teacher is armed it would be on their person or in a locked safe.  

2-It is not bad, or even relevant, that the students know where the weapon is if the trained teacher has it on their person or in a locked safe.

Taking Fowler’s argument a step further, let’s assume he is correct in that it is good for students to not know where the weapon is.  Fine.  Teachers can be armed and the students would not be intentionally told whom is armed so as to create unpredictability that scares shooters (by the way, this is the kind of thinking and practice that concealed carry helps to prevent).

The issue at hand is that a coward with a gun is going to be less likely to shoot up a place knowing that teachers are armed regardless of whether they know what teacher is armed or not. But the left will never see this.

Leftist philosophy is not about freedom and protection from government tyranny.  Theirs is a philosophy about political power personified in the power of the state over its people. “You didn’t build it” means because nothing supposedly is 100 percent the work of the individual, whether it be the good of building a business or the bad of killing people, means those in power have the right to control others. They won’t protect the students, or their teachers.  They do not even trust the teachers with military or law enforcement training to voluntarily protect the students, instead letting them die.  Meanwhile those in power, whether it be those in legal authority or those who terrify good citizens, lose nothing and gain even more at the expense of the righteous; the righteous who face a double whammy.

The left’s leaders use the emotion of events, because they are emotional people who think in the short term.  They do not see logic even when it would benefit them in the long run.

As clear as the law of physics, the more gun free school zones are implemented, sadly the more shootings we will have. It will continue to get worse unless America fully returns to something that was written into its founding document; not just because it was part of the culture, but because it needed to be enshrined as a reminder for future generations as a safeguard for personal safety against cowards in society and also the powerful.  The best, surest safeguard for all of us on this side of eternity is the Second Amendment.

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