Democrats Save Yourself

Posted: Feb 20, 2015 12:01 AM
Democrats Save Yourself

For those of you who ever believed that Obama might be the messiah and your faith has been shaken, you must continue reading.

For those of you who are still true believers in the Obama messiah you can continue reading anyway.

To both groups I say: We told you so.

Obama is hopeless and he’s going to make the Democrats hopeless too if you are not careful.

We can agree to disagree about whether healthcare is a human right. We can agree to disagree about the role in government in our lives. We can agree to disagree about the size and scope of government. We can even agree to disagree about how to best engage the rest of the world to secure American interests.
But certainly we must all agree that American security under this president has been a compendium of strategic, military and foreign policy disasters.

Not since the U.S. lost China to the Communists and North Korea invaded South Korea—leading to two wars in Asia-- have American security interests been so deranged.

Not since Chamberlain gave away the Sudetenland in the former Czechoslovakia-- thereby depriving Western powers not just their only legitimate, strong military ally, but also a fortified defensive mountain position that almost certainly would have been too tough for the Wehrmacht to crack-- has civilization been in such peril.

And not only does our president refuse to see our peril, he indulges our peril by saying that the people behind ISIS: 1) need jobs and 2) have legitimate grievances.

One can not legitimately take this president seriously anymore.

Not even, you, my Democrat friends.

Everyone in society has legitimate grievances.

I am Irish. My ancestors were harassed and occupied by the British for a longer period than the Arabs lived under the British Crown.Yet somehow I find the will to go on living without beheading people, without putting them to the torch, without cutting off the genitalia of women.

In fact my surname is English, so somewhere along the line, both English and Irish learned to get along.

I am Irish. My descendants were harassed and discriminated against by white folks in this country even before Italians were.

And if you think that discrimination against me is just a relic of the 19th century, then I am Catholic too.

And within this year my salvation has been questioned publicly by Protestants who wouldn’t know Martin Luther from Martin Luther King.

Yes somehow, in all of this, I find the will to go on living without beheading people, without putting them to the torch, without cutting off the genitalia of women.

There is no negotiating with the wickedness that loots and murders. And that it is done in the name of God should heighten our fury, not diminish it; it should raise us up to righteous indignation on behalf of both God and humanity-- for the believer and unbeliever alike.

How long will you find sophisticated reasons to support, enable and encourage Obama in his delusions?

You know he’s wrong. And we do too.

Especially on ISIS. His delusions here are on full display.

And we told you so.

If the economy improves, foreign policy and security will be the death of you; if the economy does not improve you are finished anyway.

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately,” Oliver Cromwell told the Rump Parliament, “Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God,—go!”