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Truth the Size of Mustard Seed to Move Morons

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ericynot1 wrote: Interesting article about the futility and wastefulness of border fencing from Forbes Magazine -- "The Border Fence: Horrible Deal At Cost Up To $40,000 Per Illegal Immigrant Apprehended"
I don't know about you, but I hate wasting huge sums of money on "solutions" that don't work.
- A Documented American Stands Up Against Fences


Dear Comrade Y,

Oh, yes, the usual liberal prescription: “That won’t work, let’s do nothing instead.” I suppose we should just be happy that they haven’t opted for the other liberal prescription: “Let’s do something and give it a huge budget, see no results and call for more spending.”

‘Cause really comrade? You have a lot of problems, but you definitely don’t have a problem with the government spending huge sums of money without result? Practically everything you advocate involves wasting huge sums of money on "solutions" that don't work.

But here’s the question: Why do liberals have problems enforcing laws? I’m mean besides the obvious voter fraud implications? And pandering?

If this Republic is to be destroyed, it won’t be by one man—or chik.

It will be destroyed because people stop following the social contract that we are a nation of laws.

You don’t like the law? Then change it.

But if you are an elected official sworn to uphold the law, that’s your first and foremost responsibility whether you agree with the law or not.

Personally, I’d like to see most laws off the book. And here’s why: We have a system of courts and a body of common law that is already sufficient to deal with most situations. If I pollute property, either public or private, there are laws sufficient to punish me for civil and criminal matters.

So what the hell do we need the EPA for?

But we need better border control. And here’s why: I agree that a border fence might be costly, it may not even work; but in absence of a government and a court system that is willing to enforce the laws behind the fence, we should at the very least build a fence.


The fact that once across the border we try to accommodate people who cross the border illegally, only rewards bad behavior making a fence more necessary. The fact that deportations are rare even for those who violate criminal laws, isn’t just wrong, it’s insane.

Democrats should wise up and at least crack down on those who continually violate the laws.

One way to toughen up would be to institute tougher border controls.

Perhaps if we had stricter border controls police officers Deputy Danny Oliver, who was shot in the forehead without warning, and sheriff’s Detective Michael David Davis Jr. would be alive.

These were the two Sacramento area cops shot by Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte, a twice deported, convicted drug dealer living under an alias in the United States because if you are Hispanic, as is Monroy-Bracamonte, it’s racist to question someone’s identity or ask for proof of identity.

The guy was probably able to vote before he went on a rampage.

MaxUrderer wrote: Borderline incoherent writing, as usual, but as long as Ransom stipulates that BOTH Republicans and Democrats will never allow the border to be closed (which I'm pretty sure he would; maybe I'll make his weekly Sunday column wherein he berates "Comrades" from behind his OWN little fence), then I suppose it's mildly amusing.
Of course, here come the TH mouth-breathers to berate "Leftists" for doing precisely what "Rightists" do. See below. No need to think for yourself when you can let Sean Hannity do it for you.
- A Documented American Stands Up Against Fences

Dear Comrade M.Urderer,

Thank you, but you are being too kind: Your writing isn’t borderline incoherent, it’s completely incoherent.


No need to write for yourself when you can let the Huffington Post do it for you.

dosborne wrote: I thought the bad guy with the gun
was the one that we were always
supposed to blame. But apparently
that's not the case here. And now
it's wrong and unacceptable when
some people dare question whether
or not the use of lethal force was
justified in these cases ?
Ecclesiastes 3:3 ESV
A time to kill, and a time to
heal; a time to break down,
and a time to build up.
I'd say this is the time to heal and
build up. Not tear down.
And no, those that were asking for
investigations into these deaths.
And were asking for restraint on
both sides are not guilty of murder.
- Using the Law to Stop the IRS

Dear Comrade Dos,

A time to heal?

Isn’t that what NY City Police commissioner was talking about when he blamed the White House for creating a siege mentality amongst officers?

The guys with guns are in 99.9999 percent of cases, just guys doing a tough job.

"You always have a feeling in the back of your mind: 'Will I be able to go home to my wife and kids while I'm out here just doing my job?' Even when I'm in a restaurant, I'm thinking, 'Could something happen here?'" DeSoto Parish sheriff's Deputy Scott Atkins told USAToday. "I never thought I'd see these days. None of us did."

None of did because none of us thought it possible that we’d have a president of the United States and an Attorney General who ignore the overwhelming evidence that Michael Brown died not because he was black, but because he violently challenged a cop.

There is only person whose behavior on that day could have assured his survival: And that was Michael Brown’s own behavior.


Is it a tragedy? Yes. But it’s tragedy that started a long time ago. That day was just the day it caught up with Brown.
The officer was examined by a grand jury, which is a jury of citizens, and they decided not to indict him—because there was no crime.
The healing can begin only when you on the Left cast out your false messiahs who know that they only have to have truth the size of a mustard seed and they can move morons.

dosborne wrote:
I do not support the release of any Al Qaeda members. But as the war winds down.
Members of the Taliban will be released. Just like we have done with other enemy combatants after every other war we've fought.
- Government Offers Bounty on Terrorist We Already Paid For

Dear Comrade Dos,

Congrats on the two-fer. At least this posting wasn’t in verse.

Um, the war isn’t over.

But then you never believed there was a war, right? Even though your guys voted for it. Before they talked against it.

DoctorRoy wrote: Well I was going to give it a rest today being it's Christmas Eve and all. But your post changed my mind. I submit you don't have to look very far back to find the apex of arrogance and ignorance. How did we get from Benjamin Franklin's admonition that " it is better that 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer" to this buffoon? - Government Offers Bounty on Terrorist We Already Paid For

Dear Comrade Doctor,

Merry Christmas.

I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. But as usual, neither do you.

Elucidated2 wrote: And here we have John Ransom, an aggressive instigator of hate and pointed attacks at everyone he disagrees with. . .now quoting the Bible and talking about Jesus, who was ALL about acceptance, understanding, and unconditional love. You just can't make this stuff up! Hypocrisy much?! - Merry Christmas Comrades: Where Rich, White Liberals Never Go


Dear Comrade Number 2,

Jesus, as MASH’s Father Mulcahy said, was an exceptionally good sport.

Unlike Obama I don’t compare myself to God, the creator of the universe.

Turn the other cheek and all that is fine in it’s place but as my friend Father Ron once reminded me: “If anyone ever asks you ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Remind him that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities.”

DoctorRoy wrote: Now you should know us better than that, Ransom. Thumbscrews maybe but not boiling oil. But I don't take any challenge lightly so I'll talk to the little woman and see how our finances are currently and see what I can do. Hey I got an idea. My birthday is in mid-January so how would the Townies like to see a comrade take the ice bucket challenge in January in the Midwest on his birthday? I'm sure a few of you all would pay to see that. I could catch my death of cold after all. I'd post the video on here. I'll work on the details and get back with you all. - Comrades Get to Torture Ransom

Dear Comrade Doctor,

So you are saying all Bush’s fault?

Seriously: Thanks.

Fabien wrote: I think we should attack Russia too because they could (could is the word in the English language that opens up all possibilities) sell nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles to rogue nations since they can't sell oil anymore. Besides, Mr. Ransom, stop believing everything you read in the NYT or what the Feebies say. I doubt NK is able to launch such a cyber attack with their dial up modems. - Laughing at the Axis of Evil Is Funny No More

Dear Comrade Fabien-

It’s not a cyber attack. It’s electro-magnetic pulse.


Freaking read a book.
No, Russia has never threatened to sell nuclear weapons to those who would harm us. The truth is that Russia has as much to fear as we do from anyone who would wish to use those weapons against us.

Russia needs to wise up: Without us they would be toast to China.

TrustNoOne wrote: The axis if evil is indeed real. The aggressive nations have started war after war by sticking their nose in everybody's business, attacking nations who have never posed a threat to them.
For example they used their spy agencies to overthrow the Democratically elected Prime minister of Iran, restoring the King (who was the puppet of the outsiders) to his rightful place, where he ruled with an Iron hand. After he was overthrown by the citizens of the country, the leading nation of the Axis sent warships to threaten Iran, deliberately shooting down a commercial passenger jet in the process.
The Axis later invaded Iraq - even though the Democratically elected leader posed no threat to the Axis, and in fact had offered to be the replacement "front man" for the Axis after the Shah (King) of Iran was deposed.
It also invaded Afghanistan, starting a decades long war, using the excuse of trying to destroy an organization and it's leader, only to abandoned that so called objective to prepare for the invasion of Iraq.
This Axis (or at least the leader) supported mobs overthrowing government after government, the last example being the support for the mob overthrowing the Democratically elected government in the Ukraine, starting a civil war which it used as an excuse to increase it military presence in Eastern Europe as part of it's attempt to destroy the only major nation with which it has never fought, Russia, probably because that nation has a popular, democratically elected leader, who is trying to rebuild that nation as a Christian society.
- Laughing at the Axis of Evil Is Funny No More


Dear Comrade Paranoid,

So, big surprise! You think the USA is the “axis” of evil.

Only a liberal, libertarian would take the side of ISIS, Ayatollahs, and Putin against the US.

Go Dr. Ron (and Rand?) Paul!

That’s if for this week,



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