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Obama's Jihad on Women: Women's Salaries Don't Even Cover Gov Spending

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DoctorRoy wrote: Lets face it. This has nothing to do with Obama. The average American family needs at least two incomes to get by and has for a long time. - Obama's Selfie, Photoshopped Life


Dear Comrade Doctor,

Let’s face it: Obama’s comments are an absolute indictment of everything liberals like you stand for.

In the name of “fairness” all families get to raise their kids with absentee parents, where early childhood babysitting is disguised as a head start in “education”; where the government cares only that we produce tax revenues so that they can continue to help us, so that we can continue to produce more tax revenues for the great ideas we can’t afford.

Government spending makes up about 35 percent of GDP right now. Not coincidentally that’s approximately the amount of income—as a percentage-- that women contribute to the country. No wonder Obama wants to keep them working. 

That's not just a war on women; that's a jihad.

Women make up about 42 percent of the workforce and make 82.2 percent that of men. That’s about 36 percent of the total wages and salaries created in the United States.

So in a way, in the exact way Obama said in the article-- “Sometimes, someone, usually mom,” Obama said, “leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”—women essentially pay the bill for the spending of the government.

And what Obama addressed was the government’s need for revenue, not mom’s need to be free to choose between family and work.

Actually it’s worse than that because of course women’s salaries don’t cover all the spending.

Imagine that: Every dime women make working goes to cover the tax bill and then just to round things out, the government spends more, saddling the kids that they don’t raise with debt for all the help they give women.

Just because a wrong has been around for a long time doesn’t justify it.

You comments are a modified version of the “Bush did it too” excuse that you never tire of.
Except Bush and conservatives, while recognizing the dignity of women, want them to be able to choose what is best for them, not just what’s best for the government balance sheet.

You want women to be liberated? Then don’t take all their earnings to feed the government.

David4 wrote: John Ransom's exchange with DoctorRoy brings up a question: Were John's father and grandfather Wall Street bankers, or did they work locally? - Obama Giveth, Obama Gets Crushed

Dear David,


It makes no difference. They worked in a different era. Wall Street (Investment banking and brokerage) and commercial banking were separate businesses back then.

They both were bankers. That is they worked in banks.

My dad worked in what was at the time the second largest bank in the country, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company of Chicago. My grandfather worked at a farmer’s bank in rural Minnesota.

I’m proud of both of them. My grandfather made it through the Depression and my dad pioneered securitization, cash flowing everything from auto inventories to rock and roll tours.

Not sure if this is your point, but the country needs more local, community banks. But you can’t reintroduce Glass-Steagall separating the two industries. It would put American banks at a disadvantage to other countries.

Glass-Steagall limited the size and scope of banks domestically. The too-big-to-fail problem thus was never systemic. But other countries—notably Germany—had no such restrictions and therefore were able to gobble up banks so that they dwarfed the US competition.

Part of the reason why we repealed Glass-Steagall was to allow American banks to compete on an equal footing in a new era of international banking where bigger often conferred great advantage.

rightmostthetime wrote: Wow, John! 82 comments! Aren't you proud? Maybe one of these days you'll get the message and quit posting repeat columns. LAZY. Absolutely LAZY. Not to mention how you attack conservatives and call them liberals because you're too LAZY to take one minute and look up their posting records. Great job, JR. If I had this kind of quality control in my own work, I wouldn't have a job. - Obama Giveth, Obama Gets Crushed

Dear Comrade Lazy,

Maybe you should look up my work record.

Lazy I am not. Over ambitious with the number of projects maybe. But lazy?

Come on.

I wrote over 200 original articles for 2014 at about 600 words per article. That’s almost two standard sized-books. Few columnists write as much as I do. Sure there are some bloggers who write more, but that’s not what I do. I write set pieces, essays.

Plus I do the daily radio show for an hour Monday through Friday, plus I just picked up a two hour, daily TV show.

I’m also beginning to write two original blog posts Monday through Friday.

If you don’t like the repeat columns, then don’t read them.


But seriously: Calling me lazy is the laziest way I can think of criticizing me.

Call me a half-wit, or misguided, or a sloppy dresser.

But lazy is just silly.

And bitter.

Because here’s the truth: You’re just mad because I call you comrade, Comrade.

There I said it twice. Ok, three times.

NRMLUNIT wrote: If Mittless McCaint was president and things were exactly as they are, everything under the sun would be named after him. Oh and bronze busts of him all over the place. - Obama's Selfie, Photoshopped Life

Dear Comrade Unit,

I’m not sure whom you are talking about.

But then aren’t sure either. You seem to be writing about a mythical cross between John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Come down out of the liberal fantasyland you constructed in the clouds and take a big breath of reality: Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney won the election. See we are conservatives. Before we strike busts, we required our candidates to win.

I know that distinction is lost on liberals; that result actually matter. But they do.

The only person who is president is Obama. And he’s not had just bronze busts striked for him, but Noble prizes, Grammy Awards and an Emmy Nomination.

And to think: You made fun of Reagan for being a bad actor?

Ha! Nothing like liberal irony to come back and bite them in the ….

Anonymous15134 wrote: All that rhetoric to say absolutely nothing. And you got paid to write this missive ? I'm in the wrong kind of work. - Americans Hate a Loser, GOP

Dear Comrade 15134,

I’m sorry. Did you say something? I was working.

Bernard83 wrote: So John. In your opinion Americans embrace winners and reject losers. Right? So that is why, in 2012 Americans, conservatives in particular, outrightly rejected a man running for president that was clearly a winner. Having been successful in virtually every endeavour he had undertaken. Having given his inherited fortune to charity and made himself into a multimillionaire,having served the public by saving the Olympics from disaster and the State of Massachusetts from it's self, this man, clearly a winner if there ever was one couldn't win more than 50% of the vote in any of the primary elections if there were more than two choices and the American people had rejected him earlier in favour of John McCain.
Do Americans really embrace winners or do the just ride on Band Wagons?
- Americans Hate a Loser, GOP


Dear Bernard,

Romney is accomplished for sure. But I have never been a big proponent of the “management candidate,” the corporate type as a winning candidate. I’m also suspicious of military candidates and medical doctors.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t make good candidates. But I want candidates who win. Give me a good, old-fashioned two-term governor, someone who has had to run and win twice.

mdibrezzo wrote: Oh, It is important that Republicans win in 2016 so they can represent the interests of the big banks, big oil and the big financial concerns on Wall Street. Note how all the big oil companies pumped money into Landrieu's campaign, a cynical calculation of future benefit and profit showing just how much they value and respect the larger issues facing society, meaning you and me and our interests. Establishment RHINOS are exactly how we got to where we are today. And Townhall continues to be a part of the problem. The entire issue of Illegal immigration and amnesty is your weather vain. - Americans Hate a Loser, GOP

Dear Comrade Brezzo,

Jeez. You do know that Landrieu is a Democrat, right?

Or are you just drunk commenting?

DoctorRoy wrote: While it's true that there is a big difference in the way European and American companies operate they are trying to address the problem. I remember one time I was working for an old American company when they were bought out by a huge German conglomerate. They immediately set out to break our union. I did a little research and learned that this company gave every employee a months vacation when they walked in the door. We could never get a month no matter how long we were there. It took you 20 years to get three weeks. Long story short what I concluded was that the trend was that American employees were going to end up subsidizing the high wages and lavish benefits of their European counterparts. They can't break the unions over there but they just might be able to do it here. - The Smartest President Ever Can't Drill His Way Out of This Problem

The Redneck wrote: I'm sorry, but I have to wonder if you saw the same bill as the rest of us did. The Republicans--the people we presumably elected to protect us from socialism--approved a massive spending bill, supported Obamacare, and kept the money flowing for Obama's amnesty,By all means do a victory dance if you wish, but I think I'll go check my ammo instead. - The Best Endorsement: Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Like It


Dear Redneck,

I didn’t do a victory dance. But here’s the fact: This Congress is never gonna pass the bill you want. The next one might. That’s the fight I want to fight. Not the futile lame duck fight that will just bloody both parties.

Don’t contest an objective just for the sake of fight, especially when you’ve just taken the high ground. Let’s get out troops to the top of the Hill first so we can fire down on the Democrats.

rightmostofthetime wrote: Please, John, explain how this is the "preseason" when this funding bill goes through next September. Pelosi won't like anything that Joe Stalin wouldn't have liked, so that doesn't mean much. - The Best Endorsement: Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Like It

Dear Comrade,

Okay; that’s four times.

TrustNoOne wrote: "Of all the organizations in the world, the Catholic Church has been one of the most long-lasting, civilization-building and unchanging." I presume "the Catholic Church" refers to the Church of Rome, that burned tens of thousands alive, killed thousands of Eastern Orthodox CHRISTIANS because during the Crusades etc. since the Papists considered them evil because they refused to depart from Christian doctrine and accept the supremacy of the Pope. - Hate Speech: Calling Me NYTimes Wannabe

Dear Comrade Paranoid,

Seriously? You are bringing up something that’s 800 years old to condemn the whole church in perpetuity?

I seem to remember Innocent the Third, pope, excommunicating crusaders who sacked Christian cities.

“Innocent called the Fourth Crusade, which was diverted to Constantinople,” says Melissa Snell who writes about Medieval history for “The pope excommunicated the Crusaders who attacked Christian cities, but he made no move to halt or overturn their actions because he felt, erroneously, that the Latin presence would bring about a reconciliation between the Eastern and Western Churches.”

Let it go dude.

du2 wrote: There is a lot of complaints or assertions on this page that there is a 'war' on Christians. Todd Starnes is a big instigator and chronically talking about Christians at risk of being silenced, censored, persecuted or he insists they already are.
If that were true, there would be eyewitness and evidence accounting for that, with these same people like Starnes and so on, being stricken from speaking out or writing or risking their lives to do so. They act like the fact that this hasn't happened, is because they are brave and are doing what others are 'afraid' to. When we all know, it's essentially because it's really about being ignored and no one believing him, or caring who he is.
- Hate Speech: Calling Me NYTimes Wannabe


Dear Comrade Du,

I think you should probably read the article that you comment on, because my article made none of the assertions that you claim is made on the “page”.

Maybe you have Todd Starnes confused with me, or vice a versa.

But with practice you too can improve reading comprehension skills with at Success for All Foundation!

“SFAF's elementary programs combine a cooperative-learning framework with detailed lessons that guide effective instruction in critical academic and social skills,” says the foundation’s website. “Lessons incorporate multimedia, puppet skits, and videos to support classroom instruction and keep students engaged. Interactive lessons are fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards.”

I think the puppet skits would be entirely appropriate for you.

And if you noticed that not once was the War on Religion mentioned on the website, then congratulations, you have already passed lesson one.

So….Keep getting those blue and red ribbons for easy display on your refrigerator!

Cam25 wrote: Gee, John. Could you possibly pack more inaccurate BS into one column? "Screw up the economy"? You need to escape the Townhall dungeon and get outside sometime. Maybe open a window.
"Russian bombers"? More news:
Thanks to Obama there won't be any Russian bombers taking off from Cuba. That's what mature, intelligent leaders do they foresee the future and make wise strategic choices. They don't wait until we've been hit and then launch a $2 trillion war against the wrong country and lose 4k+ military lives.
What a travesty it is that any website allows someone with such little regard for the truth to bloviate.
- Does Anyone Even Understand the President?

Dear Comrade Camshaft,

The job market is certainly better than it has been, but remember this was the year that the Federal Reserve was going to have to raise interest rates because of robust economic growth. In fact, interest rates have gone the other direction.

The mark on the 30-year treasury is 2.81% now versus last month’s post of 2.93%. The beginning of the year saw interest rates for 30 year mortgages average 4.53% according to the Associated Press. And experts generally thought this was the year that interest rates would go up. So guess what? Next year is another year that the experts expect that interest rates will finally go up! “The central bank is edging closer to raising interest rates from record lows given a strengthening U.S. economy,” reports the Associated Press. And we all know what that means: Interest rates could very well go lower.


Why? The labor market isn’t anywhere near what it could be, as even liberal Janet Yellen says.

"There is room for further improvement," Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said Dec. 17, writes Investor’s Business Daily about the Dark Underside of the job market, "with too many people who want jobs being unable to find them, too many who are working part time but would prefer full-time work, and too many who have given up searching for a job but would likely do so if the labor market were stronger."

Coming out of a recession job growth should be more robust than this and too much of the workforce is part time. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about 60 percent of all jobs created from October 2013 to October 2014 have been part time jobs.

Progress has been made despite Obama, not because of him.

I wish I could say the same for Cuba. But I can’t. The poor strategic situation is a direct result of Obama’s direct incompetence. Russian bombers were NEVER deployed in Cuba. But then Obama’s and Clinton the Dumber’s appeasement policies toward Russia, via the Russian “reset” has just emboldened Russia to announce their intention to deploy bombers in Cuba.

Any other administration would have responded by telling Russia that they would not tolerate Russian bombers in the Caribbean.

Instead Obama caved like he was caught smoking cigarettes in the Rose Garden.

It’s sad that we have a president who metro-testicals are smaller than his wife’s.

That’s it for this week.



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