Mass Casualties in Obama's War on War

Posted: Aug 20, 2014 11:55 AM

Well now they have done it.

They killed a priest. A high priest. A secular high priest.

They killed a journalist I mean.

“In the video released on Tuesday,” reports Asia News Channel, “an individual presumed to be [freelance journalist James] Foley - who was captured by militants in Syria in November 2012 - is seen on his knees in a desert landscape reading a statement asking his family to stop the US intervention in Iraq. A man standing next to him dressed in black with his face covered and holding a knife then says in a distinct British accent that the beheading of Foley was in direct response to the US airstrikes on their fighters.”

My condolences go out to the family of Mr. Foley, who presumably was killed by Obama-created allies Team Islam, World Police, also known as the Islamic State in the Levant, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or—sometimes-- Climate Change, when all else fails to confuse the masses.

But my condolences have been going out to all of the families, not just for Foley; especially the families who have lived in fear for so long—the people who live in Syria and Iraq as Christians, and who are bearing the brunt of persecution in Obama’s War on War.

If anything in life is certain it is this: When Obama wages war on anything, including war, we ought to expect a mass casualty event at this point.

When he waged war on old white men, women took the brunt in the so-called War on Women. As Obama panders to the black community, it is the black community that has been left behind in his race to “fix” poverty. As Obama bemoans the plight of male thugs who loot and plunder, he slowly strangles the law abiding, decent, common impulse amongst black males to have jobs, to have families, to have their own slice of the American Dream.

And thus it goes with the War on War.

Because make no mistake: Obama will allow hundreds of thousands to die to burnish the thin metal that is his Nobel Peace Prize. He’s a man of peace, don’t you know? Even as he’s created more war in six years than the George Bushes did in twelve.

Still, it’s nice to see the media world take notice finally of the tragedy in Iraq, but my question is: what took you so long? Did it really need for you to feel the suffering of the Foley family? Do you really only have sympathies for your own?

Journalism has suffered a kind of racism for years, with unwashed outsiders not a part of the chosen race, and with some media members treated by their own like white Hispanics during a lynch mob attack in central Florida.

Hopefully this will help the media see the light, just as the use of intelligence resources directed at intimidating journalists helped turn the spotlight on the White House abuse of its powers on those unfortunates who aren’t part of the media fraternity; people like the Byzantine Catholics, who have been beheaded by hundreds if not thousands in Syria and Iraq.

Freedom of Religion is protected by the same First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America as Freedom of the Press is. And I have this quaint notion that those freedoms apply to everyone equally, regardless of the fraternity, country or class they belong to.

A violation of one part is a violation of all parts.

And that of course is why Obama will never get it, but journalists just might someday. 

I can always hope.