Obama Losers

Posted: Jun 21, 2014 12:01 AM

10) In six short years as president, Obama has taken the Democratic Party from the One to done. While it’s way too early to write off the party even for 2014, the wounds created by supporting this colossal bozo will be even longer to heal than the wounds inflicted by Jimmy Carter. Obama said way more then he knows when he admitted that the problem is that he’s president, not emperor.

9) Remember when the Fawning News Media said that comedians would have a tough time making fun of Obama because he was so serious, so perfect, so black? Well the FNM seems to get under that bar no matter how low we set it, don’t they? Comedians aren’t just making fun of the president now; they’re making fun of the media as well. In a recent poll, 82% of people that I asked randomly as I met them on the street said about journalists in general… well, I can’t repeat it.

8) Remember bullet number 9 above? About the Fawning News Media? Well if you can’t be funny at the expense of Obama these days, you just can’t be funny. Look, the dude has a stick permanently stuck up his rear end—I said stick, ok? It would be tough to not be funny about a guy who takes himself as seriously as Obama does. Stopping the seas from rising? Healing the earth? The guy can’t even run a website with less monthly traffic than your typical news organization. Comedians have been placer mining that stake for six years, more or less. When Obama’s gone they’ll have to go back to hard rock mining like the rest of us. Let’s hope they’ll find the courage and resourcefulness to be funny about Hillary too, even though she doesn’t have a stick in her rear.

7) Electricity has gone from the rainbow-powered, “free” energy source made possible by windmills and magic rays of sunshine, to a dirty, pollution emitting source of danger that hunts us down while we sleep. The culprit? Cheap, reliable sources of Domestic Coal that power electric all over the USA. So Obama says, “no more coal power plants,” even as his energy policy—if it can be really called that—depends on generating more electricity for the growing number of bumper cars, known ironically as “Smart cars”. The result is that coal prices will come down, and we’ll ship cheap, reliable domestic coal to China at much cheaper prices thus allowing Chinese consumers to get the low, low prices that Americans can’t enjoy. Oh, and we’ve lost 50,000 coal jobs so far, with another 17,000 power plant jobs expected to go. Add in an additional 80,000 coal jobs waiting for the axe to fall, multiply by the numbers of jobs that support coal workers and you get about 600,000 jobs lost.

6) Get ready to die. Really. We all gotta go sometime, and with this president it’s more and more likely that patients will die unattended when their oxygen tube gets pinched and they suffocate in a VA style healthcare environment. In the meantime, they’ll have the privilege of paying higher premiums for someone else’s right to die from what used to be known as “medical malpractice” but now gets the distinction of being called natural causes…of Obamacare.

5) Someone you may not have met yet will likely curse you in a future too predictable to deny. That’s right: They’re called grandkids. Today our debt is $155,000 per US taxpayer. And if you raised their parents the right way, the grandkids, who are taxpayers in a future too predictable to deny, will get the honor of paying down that balance, interest and principal. Just tell them that food and shelter are overrated. After all, if they get the benefits that we enjoyed, the president says the world will boil over. Why can’t grandkids just be grateful for our sacrifice?

4) I feel sorry for the next African-American candidate for president of the United States. There will be an enormous amount of scrutiny on the next candidate because there was so little on Obama. While we have all suffered under Obama, no population has suffered more than the black community. Poverty rates are up, along with unemployment for blacks. It’s an amazing fact that while Obama has literally pledged trillions to backstop Wall Street, he has spent nothing to stop the violence in the neighborhoods surrounding his Hyde Park mansion. Black people need their own Tea Party.

3) Hillary Clinton’s wounds are mostly self-inflicted, but the world’s first woman president of the United States has gone from a certainty to a casualty under Obama. If Obama doesn’t hate the Clintons, he does a reasonable facsimile of it, as expressed by his inattention to foreign policy under Hillary. She was foolish to even take a place in his cabinet. The proper stance for the power hungry Hillary would have been to remain aloof. I know: You’re shocked too that a Clinton didn’t do the right thing.

2) The intelligence community (IC) is an anonymous group of people who quietly go through their day, keeping America’s secrets—even from their own family. They live amongst us-- and we are unaware of it-- and they truly have been at war since 9/11. If you think they aren’t suffering under this president, then you aren’t paying attention. From the Snowden disclosures, to the sacking of General Petraeus, to the Gitmo fiasco, to the drone strikes, to Benghazi, the IC knows the truth but never has a voice. It kills them. Literally. So if you see a field agent of any one of the dozen intel agencies from the Defense Intelligence Agency, to the CIA to the National Security Agency, give them a hug. They need it. Of course you won’t see them, yet alone hear from them. That’s why you need to speak up for them.

1) Speaking of war, people are dying in Afghanistan right now in a war that Obama’s former Secretary of Defense says that Obama doesn’t believe in. That’s right: American military forces are taking casualties because Obama lacks the political courage to pull our troops out of Afghanistan. In almost a textbook repeat of Vietnam, the president has asked the troops to do a job that he doesn’t believe in. According to Col. Allen West “we lost 630 U.S. soldiers [in Afghanistan under Bush]. In early 2009, the Obama administration authorized the implementation of the COIN (Counter-Insurgent) strategy, more focused on ‘winning hearts and minds’ than winning a war, and over the next five years, the U.S. death toll nearly tripled.” There were 4,800 coalition casualties in Iraq and 3,400 in Afghanistan. As I have noted previously, over 70 percent of US casualties in Afghanistan happened under Obama. That’s a really steep price to pay for something Obama doesn’t want: namely victory. That’s the biggest betrayal by Obama’s presidency, yet gets the least ink of anything he’s done.

For that I apologize to our troops, since Obama never will. We should never again elect a commander-in-chief who will let our troops down like that. It's one thing to fight a war poorly. Lincoln did that without losing his integrity. It's another thing to ask men and women to die because the polls tell you to.