United Nations Says It’s All Your Fault

Posted: Mar 26, 2014 12:01 AM

A new prayer from the United Nations disguised as a four-color .pdf says that the weather is all your fault.

‘We now have a better understanding of human-induced climate change,” chants Michel Jarraud, the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization,“and climate scientists can increasingly determine how large scale pressure and temperature patterns influence the weather.”

The prayer goes on to tie “extreme” weather in 2013 to “human-induced” causes.

I didn’t even know that the weather could read a human-induced calendar.

Can I get an “Amen”?

The material in the report is so good that the WMO dispensed with the customary laugh track that would normally go underneath it.

Because let’s get this part straight: Climate scientists couldn’t spell drought if you spotted them the first five letters. It's so bad they ought to be issuing a red nose and floppy shoes with the degree.

There is no scientific evidence, no creditable reports, which tie extreme weather in 2013 to anything other than the fantasies of liberals.

There’s speculation and there's hypothesis.

But science that proves cause and effect?


And there can’t be.

That’s because according to the exact science of our world economy, 2013 wasn’t extreme at all.

“The reinsurance company Munich Re came out with its annual assessment of natural disasters, and found that 2013 was an unusually quiet year,” writes Time Magazine. “Catastrophes like floods and storms claimed more than 20,000 lives around the world, and caused more than $125 billion in damages. While that’s clearly a lot—and the number of deaths from disasters rose over 2012—both figures are well below the 106,000 in deaths and $184 billion in losses that were experienced on average over the past decade.”

Catch that? 2012 was even less extreme.

If you’re like me, you’re surprised.

I didn’t even know Time Magazine was still published.

So, who are you going to believe: The insurance companies who pay out claims or the meteorologists at the United Nations whose jobs depend on the human-created fantasy of climate change?

One thing that has become abundantly clear in 2103 is that “science” on which the hypothesis of man-made climate change-- sorry, now it's human-induced climate change-- is based, isn’t credible; it’s a faith-based initiative, a religion, the newest opiate for the masses.

Socialists figured out that they really couldn't dispense with religion. So now they've made one up.

Don't believe me?

As a Catholic, I can give you more scientific evidence that a virgin birth is possible than warmers can give that their computers models are accurate.

“For anyone keeping track,” writes the skeptical WUWT, “2013 has not been a good year for those who propagate the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) Narrative, also know by a litany of increasingly nebulous buzzwords including “Climate Change“, “Climate Disruption”“, “Global Weirding”, “Ocean Acidification”, and “Extreme Weather“. Regardless of efforts to nebulize CAGW to explain all forms of climatic and weather variation, in 2013 every loosely falsifiable prediction of the CAGW narrative seems to have failed.”

They go on to catalog the number of predictions that climate change magicians got wrong in 2013 including global temperature, which was off by twice-to-three times their prediction... and which has paused for the last 16 years; Northern/Artic Sea Ice, which was supposed to be gone by now, but is actually growing—an amazing feat during the warmest period ever recorded in the history of mankind; Snow cover, which reached ten-year highs, again an amazing feat during the warmest time on record; Hurricanes, which have not increased in size or frequency as claimed by warmists.

The list is longer too. But for our purposes, this is enough.

Increasingly people are growing skeptical of the sky-is-falling Chicken Little routine from folks who clearly have an axe to grind.

Tech Times writes in an article titled Humans at fault for extreme weather in 2013: UN: “During 2013, 41 storms caused a billion dollars or more in damage. That is the second-highest number of such storms on record.”

That could be because there are a lot more places that have things worth a billion dollars than there used to be—thanks to carbon-based fuels. Or it could be because we have the ability to track storms better. Or it could be because some magical computer model that predicted the end of the world by now is dead, flat wrong.

And so all they have left now is this four-word prayer: It’s all your fault.