Obama Picks on Someone His Own Size: Little Sisters of the Poor Catholic Nuns

Posted: Jan 12, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama Picks on Someone His Own Size: Little Sisters of the Poor Catholic Nuns

Cwontheweb wrote: HEY: Townhall dummies... this site is owned and operated by your natural enemies... and they try to keep you fighting over welfare for workers who cannot afford to live on the wages paid by offshoring gangsters... multi national thieves... and robber barons. OF course they defend Chase, Dimon, all the boys on Wall St... this site is there to teach you that the gansters are the good guys... and the $7 an hour worker is the enemy...dum dum dum.;.... there will never EVER be another Republican president until and unless the GOP becomes the party of MAIN ST -- AGAINST the demons of Wall st,.The Feds Continue to Pick on JP Morgan

Dear Comrade Con,

The site is owned and operated by whose natural enemies?

I’d be very surprised if you even know who owns and operates the Townhall site or any of the affiliated sites.

I actually don’t always defend Jamie Dimon and the rest of the crew on Wall Street. I just support their right to not be shaken-down by DC politicos. And never once have the people who run this company ever told me to tailor my columns to do anything but reflect my own views.

And I have pretty strong views.

When it was revealed that at the height of the financial crisis at Fannie Mae, the secretary of the Treasury, Republican Hank Paulson-- and former chairman of Goldman Sachs-- stopped by some Wall Street offices and shared with traders his plan to have the government seize the assets of Fannie Mae, while he was publicly telling investors and the press the opposite, I called for an investigation.

That’s inside dealing and if it wasn’t illegal, it was certainly wrong.

When Former US Senator, New Jersey Governor and Obama pal, Jon Corzine-- according to vice president Joe Biden, Corzine was the first person Obama called for economic advice after the election and a key architect of the stimulus law passed by Obama-- ran futures firm MF Global so solidly into the ground in a little over a year after being bounced from office that the firm dipped into customer accounts to pay their bills, I called for investigation there too.

Your problem, Comrade ConMan, is that you think class is something that divides rich and poor.

In fact, it only divides the rulers and the ruled.

Our Founders understood this. Karl Marx did not.

The TV news magazine 60 Minutes in 2011 did an expose of how members of Congress, most notably our former Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and our current Madam Speaker John Boehner, have possibly traded stocks on non-public information for their own benefit. And the reaction from Congress has been a tepid attempt to make Congress follow the same insider trading laws that the rest of us have had to follow for decades.

"All being corrupt together," wrote E.L. Godkin, of Congress in 1873, "what is the use of investigating each other?" Godkin made a name as a muckraker and a reforming journalist who helped found the periodic magazine The Nation.

Note that Godkin was a fierce critic of socialism.

Oh, how times have changed.

Because the bankers are only following the rules now laid out by the Gospel of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, known as Dodd-Frank. Dodd-Frank is the progressive version of reform that allows the government to take punitive action against anyone they don’t like.

Newt Gingrich suggested that Dodd and Frank should face jail time for their legislation.

And our featured writer Mike Shedlock observed a few years ago that in 2009 the FDIC turned over a bank to an investment group led by George Soros that in one year made more than a billion dollars in profit- more than the group invested to buy the bank- despite the federal government still being on the hook for $11 billion in potential bad loan losses.

From the LA Times:

The billionaires' club of private financiers who took over the remains of IndyMac Bank from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. turned a profit of $1.57 billion last year on the failed mortgage lender -- more than they invested less than a year ago.

Yet under the sale agreement, the federal deposit insurance fund still could lose nearly $11 billion on bad loans that the Pasadena institution made before it was sold last March and renamed OneWest Bank.

And soon, thanks to Barney Frank’s retirement, we could be looking at Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-God Help Us) in charge of tweaking the Dodd-Frank reforms as the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee. Waters, named by Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington as one of the most corrupt politicians in DC, was under an ethics investigation for trying to secure a federal bailout for a bank she was personally, financially involved with.

Who are the real criminals here Comrade ConMan?

And what side are you on? Because you ain’t on my side. And my side is the right one.

Tg7211 wrote: are you nuts??? Jb Morgan is a mafia and if they are paying settlements it's because they know it would be worse if things actually got unwound in court and they had to pay fines and serve time The Feds Continue to Pick on JP Morgan

Dear Comrade 7211,

You know who the most forgotten man in DC is?

Eric Holder.

And that’s not a coincidence.

Eric Holder’s fell out of grace even with liberals when he announced that banks and money firms were just too darn big and important to prosecute.

"I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions become so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if we do prosecute -- if we do bring a criminal charge -- it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy," Holder told senators according toCBSNews. "I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large."


Ok, first observation: When the heck has anyone from the Obama administration ever cared about the negative impact of anything they do on the national economy?

What? Does Holder have comedy writers writing speeches and testimony for him?

Final observation- Translation for my illiterate comrade friends: If they’re paying settlements, it’s because Obama wants them to do so, and for no other reason.

You think JP Morgan is a mafia? Take it up with the head guy, president Don Obama.

ThaalSinestro wrote on a “Dear Comrade column”: This article contains previously published comments. Reduce Income Inequality; Shutdown Washington ...for 152 Days

Dear Comrade Thaal,

Wow. You figured out that these comments were published before, huh? Can’t get anything weird past you liberals these days…oh except for Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the overdone enforcement of the MACT Act, the suspension of the Big Company mandate, Nancy Pelosi, um…Harry Reid, higher taxes on EVERY working American, subsidized birth control and abortions…for nuns… gun control for law abiding citizens, illegal gun sales to criminals-- enabled and subsidized and sold by federal agents, that Benghazi WAS a terror attack, that Al Qaeda is our newest ally against Al Qaeda, that global warming is hype, that Sandra Fluke, for obvious reasons, doesn’t need my tax dollars for birth control, the death of the coal industry, mining and manufacturing in our country…hey readers…help out….what else have liberals not noticed?

Hillinger wrote: Sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture.


…I'm not sure what 114 out of 117 "predictions" means. It is impossible to predict with any accuracy what a given year's temperature anomaly will be even though the long term trends are clear. Just as you could not predict the outcome of a single coin toss even through you could predict with a high level of accuracy what the results of tossing the coin 10,000 times would be.….Blah blah blah. Read the rest on Townhall Finance if you have the bandwidth for more Comrade Hillinger blather: 2013 Reveals Global Warmists’ Favorite Alternative Fuel: BS

Dear Comrade Mikey,

It sometimes helps if you are a smaller nitwit too.

From the abstract:

Hansen said he expects record-breaking global average temperature in the next two to three years because solar activity is on the upswing and the next El Niño will increase tropical Pacific temperatures. “It’s always dangerous to make predictions about El Niño, but it’s safe to say we’ll see one in the next three years,” Hansen said. “It won’t take a very strong El Niño to push temperatures above 2010.”

Well so far, Hansen has batted 0 out of his 2-3 attempts.

2013 was almost perfect weather, with bumper crops from farming in the United States contributing to solid GDP growth in the third quarter.

So far, 2014 has come in a bit on the cold side.

But then Hansen’s been wrong before: He overestimated warming in his original models by almost four times in his worst case scenario for continued atmospheric carbon increases-- when is fact carbon has increased at a higher rate than his model.

Temperature has only increased by about .22 degrees centigrade when he predicted .9 degrees increase.

He also was the chicken little who told us the sky was falling when droughts hit the US in 2012—an event that Hansen said was proof positive of a global warming catastrophe….

Oops wrong there too.

Editorial: ‘Hansen is simply wrong’ and ‘his hypothesis is a complete and abject failure’:

Hansen claims that global warming is associated with increased drought in the US. This is a testable hypothesis which he chose not to test, and, because PNAS isn’t truly peer-reviewed for Members like him, no one tested it for him.

I have [examined] drought data [that] are from NCDC, and the temperature record is Hansen’s own. His hypothesis is a complete and abject failure.

Click on the link because it contains a great letter to the NASA administrator from a few dozen current and former NASA employees asking him politely to tell Hansen to shut the hell up because they think he’s a nut job and a fraud.

What the 114 out of 117 predictions in regards to global warming refers to is a peer-reviewed paper from Nature Climate Change that finds 114 of 117 climate models as wrong:

Writes Ezra Levant in Climate Change Hoax:

Next month the UN bureaucracy in charge of global warming, called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will release its first major scientific report in six years. Word has leaked out that they have revised downward their projections for global temperatures.

They still say the world will heat up. They're just making their new guesses less extreme, because their last guesses have been so wrong.

"Projections" and "guesses" are more appropriate terms than the word "prediction." Because as the prestigious scientific journal, Nature Climate Change, reveals this month, out of 117 climate computer models over the past 15 years, 114 of them were wrong, and all of those were wrong in the same direction. Out of 117, 114 projected the world would warm far more than it has.

If you had 117 monkeys randomly throwing darts at a dart board, you would have a few bullseyes, and the rest would be evenly scattered - some high, some low, some left, some right. But the UN's predictions all skewed high. That doesn't happen by chance. That's a sign of inherent bias. To use a computer science term, "garbage in, garbage out." If you build a computer model that is tilted to yield a certain outcome, you can be pretty sure that it will.

Nature's peer-reviewed study showed that since 1998, actual recorded temperatures on the Earth went up by a microscopic 0.05 degrees per decade. As in, 1/20th of a degree, over 10 years. That's so small it's almost unmeasurable. Global warming stopped back when Clinton was president. Titanic was the hit movie.

Shania Twain's You're Still the One topped the charts. That's a long time ago.

But 114 official projections claimed there would be massive global warming. A Ouija board would be more accurate. So would a kid's magic eight ball, or a pair of dice.

Anyone who has heard of the ice ages, and knows we're not in one now, acknowledges the world has warmed and cooled over the millennia, and those cycles will likely continue. The brilliant political innovation of the IPCC was to politicize those natural changes, and to blame them on something taxable: carbon dioxide, or CO2.

So again, Mikey, answer the question: If this is so real, why do you guys have to make up science along the way, like claiming 2012 was the hottest year on record, when clearly it was not the hottest.

It might be the hottest you have recorded with modern methods, but nowhere near the hottest.

Same thing with the drought nonsense.

Why do you, a supposedly educated man of science, let a fool like Hansen make bombastic statements about your faith, like that the 2012 drought was the result of “global warming” when real science says “Nope”?

Shouldn’t you guys let the observable science guide you?

Oh…That’s right. If you did, you’d be wrong. I mean you’d have to admit you’re wrong.

Pablostcruz wrote: So all you yahoo's that said the war was just are now turning like little beach's. Oh no, we never were in favor of the war. You scumbags. I saw thew posts on this site in 2003. The Worst Defeat for the United States Since 9/11

Dear Comrade Pablo,

The Iraq war was a just war, fought in a poor way. And then the fruits of that eventual victory were tossed away by Obama’s bungling.

He was handed a stable government but withdrew US troops precipitately, troops which were always necessary to maintain peace as the Sunnis and Shites worked out their political differences.

And because he’s handled the Middle East so poorly, he has destabilized the region in North Africa, Syria, the Horn and Mesopotamia.

He was wrong in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now he’s killed Iraq.

“The most ironic aspect of the fight in western Iraq is its connection to the fight in Syria,” one intel analyst told me. “As a result of that the US is on both sides of the fight, supporting the Islamists and the Iraqi government. That is also what is

going on in Afghanistan, but the mechanism is slightly different. The fighters in Anbar are part of the same group that the US had supported in Syria. They have seized US arms and supplies from warehouses that were meant for the more tolerant Syrian Muslim fighters and they appear to be showing up in Iraq.”

And make no mistake, the other Arab regimes are lining up against the United States, helping to finance the rebels now because they understand that about the only people Obama is interested in fighting to the finish are Catholic nuns who don’t want to take his birth control medicines.

“From day one, the president has sent a very clear message that that’s not a fight he or his Administration have the stomach for,” said Tony Marsh, a contractor who helped with elections in Iraq.“Al Qaeda has been biding its time when they can finally emerge, unopposed by U.S. forces, to rebuild their networks and reaffirm their fight against the West.We see them doing that now in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and large parts of Africa.”

Carter lost Iran, Obama lost the world.

Except for the nuns. He is really impressive forcing them to violate their conscience. I'm really proud of my Catholic friends who think Obama's dreamy for making those virgin girls-- who support outreach to the poorest of the poor-- support RU486, the morning after pill.

You should be proud of yourself.

How do you guys look yourself in the mirror after supporting a jerk like Obama? Seriously.

I’m running out of excuses for my liberal friends who don’t arms themselves with torches and pitchforks against their leaders.

So the IRS, NSA, Benghazi scandals they shrug at, but a few closed lanes in New Jersey cause a federal investigation immediately?

This is the worst, most corrupt government ever.

There's a great story in Robert Middlekauff's book The Glorious Cause about how when the loyalist Governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson, supported the Stamp Act, a group of patriots took down his house almost to the foundations. Now THAT's self government.

If a tea party doesn't work, there is always that.

That’s it for this week,