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The reality show that’s become our government isn’t just embarrassing, crass, dangerous and opportunistic- it also gets really great ratings. Must see G-O-V.  


What fiscal cliff? Have you seen the latest episode of the Benghazi Triangle?

Criminals please pay attention.

Learning how to fly planes into buildings is a shrugworthy event with the FBI, but don’t you dare email Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley.

Because she might feel threatened if she’s told electronically that she standing too close to your guy.   

Also, taking off your shirt and snapping a few candid photos is OK too- if you have the proper FBI credentials.

With the ongoing tug of the Benghazi Triangle and the consequent information overload regarding the Petraeus affair, you might have missed the tidbit regarding the FBI guy, friend of Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley, who helpfully tipped us all off to the Petraeus affair.

He sent her photos of himself, via email- topless.

Ahem. Too much information.

There are conflicting reports of whether he sent the emails before or after Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley complained to him of emails by presumed Petraeus’ lover Paula Broadwell telling her to back away from the general.

And now comes word that our top war-fighter, General John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan has exchanged thousands of pages of emails with Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley, and those emails may or may not contain “inappropriate” language.


Next we’ll be told that the general served salad without properly chilling the forks.  


Yes, so am I.

See I grew up in world where stuff like this was considered embarrassing to all parties and so you really didn’t talk about it, much less start a federal investigation regarding it.

Unless of course there was a real crime.

And for the Clintonistas out there who remind me that Clinton got impeached over an affair, I will point out that you didn’t think it was right then, so why do you think it’s right now? 

I grew up in a world where FBI guys caught criminals, not harassed people.

I grew up in a world where Marines were supposed to kill bad guys.

A dead bad guy back then was considered a good thing.

Now we are much more concerned with killing careers than we are with national security.

I grew up in a world where laws were used to create as open and free a society as we possibly could make an open and free society.

Now everything is about politics, with laws that serve liberty and justice for some.

Society ought to see in this whole episode, including the ties to Benghazi, as a cautionary tale.  

Because a society as fractured as ours- a house divided as it were- can not stand for very long.


A veteran intelligence analyst told me that when a CIA director resigns it’s always about politics. But in this case it’s not just about politics.

It’s about throwing away the rules of civil society in rush to create a minute-by-minute peak into everyone’s Facebook wall. It’s about letting the fake outrage brigade become the world’s civil policeman, Big Brother and head nanny-stater.     

The director of the CIA is never in a position to have the kind of privacy that a hush-hush affair would require to keep it hush-hush. The CIA's own security staff would have been well-aware of the affair, and it’s likely that Petraeus himself told the CIA staff about his affair.

Petraeus also would have been required to disclose it if he had been polygraphed. The biggest sin in a polygraph test administered by the CIA or the FBI is to lie about an affair or other indiscretion.

Everyone has indiscretions.

Honorable people don’t lie about them when they have government wires strapped to their body.

And that’s actually where I think we should leave it.

Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley, who stars as Paris Hilton in this show, has an indiscreet way of treating “friends”- a word she uses to describe the relationship she has with General Petraeus, FBI guy and the wife of General Allen.  


She should no longer have access to anyone above the grade of E-3 until she is willing to answer a few questions herself.

Hopefully and helpfully I will start with the first question: Jill, have you ever considered not using email at all? At least not with men?  

Because perhaps Paula Broadwell, who viewed Tampa-Socialite-Jill Kelley’s relationship with Petraeus as a threat, had the best judgment of anyone.

I don’t know Petraeus, Allen or the FBI guy, but I’m not comfortable with Kelley’s relationship with any of them.

In my opinion, CENTCOM needs to find a new, more discrete socialite.

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