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Outsourcing Our President

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Ok; I’ll admit that shipping Obama off to be president of Europe isn’t a very original idea.

But still it bears repeating at this critical time because: 1) I don’t like Old Europe very much; 2) Under socialists it just got older; 3) Obama’s work is done here and the Mothership looks like it ran out of “green” fuel on 2008; and 4) Europe’s response to their reckless spending problem happens to be…BEGGING for more reckless spending.

And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see steward Europe’s newest, bestest, reckless stimulus plan than our first King-of-the-World: Barack Hussein Obama.

He seems to like the idea of more “stimulus.” And if we’re not going to do it, maybe we can lend him to Europe for a while.

Europe LOVES Obama, BTW.  

And they can have him. And he can take his debt with him too.

We won’t mind.  

Once again the New World can come to the rescue of the Old World this time by outsourcing the greatest manufacturing job that BHO has saved/created in the last three years: His job as “debt creator.”

He created $10 trillion in debt at the low, low price of only $350 billion per year. That’s only like half the Department of Defense’s budget. Nothing like cutting our defense spending and entitlement programs while we increase spending on something like interest rates, that have no real return. It’s almost the perfect Democrat program.

Now if they could only tax the rich who buys the debt.

I know what you’re thinking Europe. You’re thinking there’s a chance.

Yes, there is.

And then Obama can show the rest of us again how to save/create an economy by pumping in trillions in wholly imaginary money- actual currency denomination doesn’t matter-  into an economy to create- not jobs- but asset inflation.

Heck. If it makes them feel better, I’ll even call it a “green” job. After all, no trees will likely be hurt in the creation of all that phony money.

You can almost hear the wheels turn at the White House: “This stimulus created the lowest carbon footprint in the history of mankind.”

Yeah. And not coincidentally, no jobs too.

But that’s a detail for government economists to cover up.           

Yesterday, back in the USA, we once again were treated to the too common occurrence where joblessness fell 2,000 applicants for the previous week according to government economists, while at the same time they raised their previous, previous week’s estimate up 2,000 more claims than their original estimate.

Can you believe that? Some jerk, likely from the federal government, made these guys take facts into account.     

Cuz, this is how Obama does his magic. That’s how he can claim unemployment is falling every week, without that whole “jobs” thing being taken too literally. .    

Government economists could really be a lot more helpful if it weren’t for real life getting in the way of their rosy predictions.

But don’t worry: You can be sure that the somewhere, everywhere, in the halls of government, you and I are paying for a program that allows government economists, union bosses and snail darter activists avoid reality all together by getting the rest of us to change our ways.

And as a token of our esteem, we should send them all-every single one of them- to Europe.  

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