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This Week's Top Tweets

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This week's Tweets cover the divine right to eat what we want; the guys who fight for us; the divine right to fly without fear; and the race to save the American Dream.   



biv58 Bettye G just made cup of mint tea #mintfromgarden 4 heartburn. should I report self for practicing med or dietetics w/o lic? #nvleg #AB289

It seems like bad ideas have a way of turning up all over the country in different state legislatures.

This bad idea has to do with turning over the power to regulate diets to the American Dietetic Association under the theory that deciding what we can eat wasn’t exactly what the Founders had in mind when they talked about liberty.

The association is pushing for legislation in over 40 states, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “that would essentially give its members a monopoly over providing nutritional therapy to willing consumers.”

You know liberals are in charge when it’s getting easier to buy marijuana than it is a Snickers bar.  


SEALofHonor SEALofHonor  by myhardy Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am i… (cont)

This week was a good week to remember that most of us don’t fight the war against radical Islam. That privilege is given to a small group of American military members, intelligence operators and contractors.

And their families.

This week the destroyer USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112) was christened by the U.S. Navy on what would have been Lt Murphy’s 35th birthday.


Murphy, a Navy SEAL lieutenant, died in Afghanistan in 2005. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

“Murphy's mother Maureen christened the ship by smashing the traditional bottle of champagne against the bow, while her husband, Daniel, a Vietnam veteran, looked on” reported

"”I am so proud and it is truly an honor,’" Mauren Murphy said. "”For people to come out and remember Mike and to celebrate this ship; it means a lot and it means that they still remember the sacrifice he made for this country.’"

Some of us do Maureen.

myhardy Melissa Media Manipulation? The Majority of American Media Outlets Fail to Report the Yemeni Passenger Was Shouting (cont)

Oh yeah. Forgot to report that part.

It’s like the Memphis clerics who the Delta pilot refused to fly with.

So far we’ve really only heard one side of the story. We heard what the imams from Memphis had to say: “Racism!”  

But we have not yet heard what the pilot has to say. Or the passengers.

Odd? I think so.  

Doubtless there was more than racism on the pilot’s mind. America has its share of subconscious racism. By that I mean the ordinary prejudices everyone of every color, race, nationality carries. But we have less overt racism than most other members of the United Nations.

One account had Delta on the line with the pilot for 30 minutes with supervisors and he refused to change his mind.


In reposte, the news media keeps telling people that the TSA cleared the imams to fly, so the only other explanation is racism by the pilot.

Well the TSA also cleared Mohammed Atta.  

MarkRMatthews Mark R Matthews #TCOT Organizing Now, Democrats Expect Tough Bid in 2012

It’s too early to give odds, but I like the chances of GOP to win both the Senate and the White House.  

There’s some noise about the Democrats prospects improving for both the White House and Senate, but looking at the economy I don’t see it.

We’ve tried things the Democrats’ way for a few years on the economy with little progress. Obama’s out of monetary tricks. He’ll be allowed no new spending plans to get things moving in the economy.  

Relative interest rates almost certainly will be going up. That’s going to be an additional drag on the economy. Obama can hope that commodity prices come down sharply to provide a little relief, but that could also provide a shock to the banking system.

I think the picture will be clearer in the fall of this year. With one year to go, it’ll be fairly clear where the economy will be headed in 2012.

That’s what will decide these races.      

Provided the GOP doesn’t nominate Sharron Angle for president.

DanaPerino Dana Perino If you can, make time to read the new Saving the American Dream policy ideas Heritage released today,


Here’s the preamble:

“We have come to a time of decision. For far too long, Congress has been on an unsustainable binge of spending, taxing, and borrowing. Our nation is going broke, and we are passing the costs of these misguided policies to our children and their children.”

Even more, we’ve seen the trust between regular citizens and the people who work in government erode substantially because our government has been a pack of liars.

“Past Congresses made utterly unaffordable promises to Americans that are now coming due. These promises will continue to come due in the next decades. In particular, Washington promised expensive Medicare and Social Security benefits to the baby-boom generation, but the money to pay for these programs is running out.”

It’s time for all of us to get serious about telling the truth and reward politicians like Paul Ryan who tell us we can’t afford the entitlements that others have promised.

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