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O: Let's Break Immigration a Wee Bit More

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In response to the news that Standard and Poors has downgraded U.S. government debt, President Obama has vowed to tackle…immigration reform. 

Reeling from wars, declared and undeclared, a debt crisis and a public perception that he’s out of touch, President O proved at the very least that he means to make up with Hispanic leaders in his bid to get re-elected.

And in doing so, he proved again that he’s still out of touch. 

"I want to support Barack Obama for re-election," Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., a fellow Chicagoan and a Hispanic leader,  told MSNBC on Monday. "But the lack of progress on immigration reform and the lack of action that Barack Obama, our president, has -- the discretion he has -- is really making that job difficult for me."

While the rest of us are concentrating on solving the enormous debt and budget issues that remain before us, and perhaps a war or two, Obama has told selected groups between rounds of golf- groups that don’t include you and me- that he’s ready to get serious about “immigration” reform.


You see he wasn’t serious about immigration reform during the two years his party held power. During that time he could have dictated immigration reform measures. But had he solved the problem then, in his own way, he wouldn’t have been able to pander to Hispanic voters on the issue in 2012 while he was running for re-election.  

Oh, and you thought he was already pandering to Hispanics with lawsuits against states that were trying to enforce immigration laws?

No, apparently O means to do more.

He’s determined to provide America with “21st-century economic and national security” by creating an immigration system that looks less secure than the one we had in 19th-century. He’s going to fix our “nation's broken immigration system” presumably by breaking it a wee bit more.


But first we have to give him a second term, strongly supported by the Hispanic vote. After his re-election any actual legislative measures to address illegal immigration will be superfluous.

Then Hispanics can go about the business of becoming the discarded refuse in the magical journey of Barack Obama’s life, like Jeremiah Wright, Progressives, Environmentalists, 9-11 families, Peaceniks, Islam, Christianity, Capitalism, Marxism, Reagan Democrats…you know, practically anything he’s been close to or says he’s holds dear.      

To show how serious the O is about the effort at immigration reform, he’s invited cartoon hero, crime fighter and pseudo-governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger to a sit down at the White House so they can figure the whole thing out.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t have a vote- or a job- nor can he act in any official capacity in the matter of immigration reform, but he can still stand in front of a camera and act concerned. He can still co-star in his preferred role as best supporting Republican in a feature starring Democrats.

The cameo appearance by the Arnold will give the O the fig leaf he needs to claim bipartisanship.

And then when it’s all over, when they’ve filled the issue with the political equivalent of emotional steroids, both men can go back to doing what they do best.

The Arnold can go back making bad movies and the O can go back to writing books about himself.    


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