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If America ought to learn anything from the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, it’s that inexperience may be a handicap, but unpatriotic sentiment is fatal to the body politic. Rabble rousing among the vulnerable and disaffected, or as progressives refer to it—community organizing, and a short dalliance as a United States Senator hardly prepared the man-child Obama for America’s highest public office. Coupled with his boundless hubris, he’s a force of nature on par with the Nepalese earthquake, a political wrecking ball shattering the architecture of carefully constructed foreign policy. Obama is a colossal disaster leaving human misery and a shattered Middle East in the wake of his child-like bumbling, conducting foreign policy like a diapered child toppling building blocks with dense, undeveloped fingers.


Obama’s lack of experience, however, is really only tangential to his abysmal failure as a President. Obama’s fatal flaw is his imperious disdain for what is most American. He has contempt for our founding documents, our founding fathers, and for the religion that makes free enterprise and liberty possible. The case isn’t hard to make. Obama, at every opportunity, disparages Christ and His church while he bows and scrapes before the idol of the Mohammedans. No small wonder, since Obama was raised by Muslims and must surely hold the doctrines of Mohammed in high regard. He praises the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Yet, he exhibits a barely restrained contempt for anything Christian. In the face of murderous Islamic persecution, Obama has the temerity to lecture Christians about tolerance and love. Where is the righteous indignation on behalf of his butchered brothers and sisters in Christ? Where is the empathy felt by every other Christian for brethren who suffer under the totalitarian heel of the Mohammedans? When Islam is threatened, Obama is exercised to vehemence. Conversely, Obama’s tepidity toward all things Christian is a sure indication of his true sympathy. Obama’s torrid affair with things Islamic should come as no surprise since Islam’s reliance on the instrumentalities of human government is tailor-made for the despot, or the bureaucrat seeking personal, social, and national redemption under the rubric of the all powerful and benevolently solicitous state. Obama is passionate about Islam, but cool to Christ and His church because Christ does not provide the required pretext to justify his lust for bureaucratic power.


The problem for America is that liberty and a constitutional republic cannot exist in the sterile soil of the primitive, patriarchal doctrines of the prophet. Islam is forever locked in the ancient past that is ignorant of inalienable rights. To marvel at the beauty of Islam is to be entranced by the monolith of Sharia law, fused to the boundless power of a capricious State. The end game for Islam is a worldwide caliphate and the imposition of an Ayatollah’s tyranny. One need only look to Iran and its record of human rights horrors to get a technicolor view of Islam’s end game. King George III looks like John Adams in comparison.

But, Obama’s anti-Americanism doesn’t stop with the Christian church. Obama glowers down his aristocratic nose at the Constitution, a document containing principles without which we cease to be Americans. Though Obama has reveled in the egalitarian benefits of exclusive education in the finest ivy league schools, he nurtures a deep, reflexive distaste for the founding principles of our republic. He rebels against the very ideas that made his success possible and he plays Judas to our founding fathers. And, this is why he fails so miserably as a president. Economic redistribution, notions of social justice, and fundamental transformation are euphemisms for Obama’s soft revolution.

Led by the liberal news and media complex, Americans are increasingly comfortable with throwing off the fundamental principles of democracy that were the engines of prosperity, igniting the titanic forces of creativity and industry that transformed backwater British colonies in a mere two centuries into the world’s economic and military superpower. Despite what Obama and his Marxist cronies opine, America has grown great, not by some absurd mode of plunder, but through the mechanism of liberty’s engine, free enterprise.


America desperately needs a helmsman whose loadstar is the Constitution and whose compass’ cardinal direction is drawn to the magnetic of celestial truth. The ship of state founders and is driven near the shoals because Obama cares less for the ship that holds us than for the object of his power-mad ambition, which lies close by the rocky crags. He’ll gladly crush us all to splinters to gain the bolshevik shore. An amateur would be better in the storm than a raging madman whose guiding lights are the social justice sirens who call all men to their sudden doom upon the razor sharp reef.

An amateur with the heart of a lion may save us yet.

Abraham Lincoln, universally regarded as one of our nation’s greatest presidents, was a man of inexperience. He served for only eight years as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives and for a mere two years (one term) as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The often maligned Sarah Palin has more executive experience, having held the office of Governor of Alaska for three years, and serving as Mayor of Wasilla for six. Despite her accomplishments, she was castigated by the liberal steno pool. But, in 1861 Abraham Lincoln became our nation’s sixteenth president and one of the most pivotal figures in American history. No amount of executive experience could have prepared Lincoln for the monumental and singular problems that faced him. But Lincoln possessed the essential quality that men like Obama lack—patriotism. Most people assume that American presidents are automatically imbued with this quality by dint of the office that they hold. Most Americans like to assume that the man or woman who occupies the White House does so having campaigned with sincerity and having taken the oath of office without purposes of evasion. But, this is not necessarily so. Barack Obama isn’t the first president to attempt to govern contrary to the dictates of patriotism and in contravention of the Constitution. Woodrow Wilson comes in a close second to Obama’s record of deceit and subversion.


As candidates flood forward and seek the Republican nomination, the American people have to first ask themselves, is this candidate a patriot?—this cannot be taken for granted. “Executive experience” is only a silly canard in comparison. Does the phrase “American exceptionalism” pass from a candidate’s lips in laud of who we are fundamentally as a nation? Can the word “Christian” be uttered without shame or sneer? Is there a record of faithful adherence to the Constitution? Perhaps many people are unaware that the oath of office is an oath of fealty to the Constitution, and to seek to twist or abrogate it is to break a solemn oath taken before the nation and before Almighty God Himself. What a sad irony, that Obama should swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution on the very Bible that Abraham Lincoln used for his inauguration, and has sought to unravel the republic that Lincoln fought so fiercely to preserve and ultimately gave his life for. He is no patriot that seeks to subvert the Constitution, and he is no man of honor who breaches his oath to defend and preserve it. Any politician who vows to radically transform America is in breach of his or her solemn oath.

Our presidents have not always been men of executive experience, but the truly great statesmen have always been deeply patriotic. We live in a morose era of American history where we must thoroughly question the fundamental character of those who seek our nation’s highest political office. But, recent history has taught us that pretenders may all too easily assume the office that was once held by the titan, George Washington. In this desperate time, we would do best to listen to the advice of the father of our country, “To the distinguished character of patriot, it should be our highest glory to laud the more distinguished character of Christian.”


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