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Believe it or not, God takes sides. He is in no sense passive but throughout the history of man has shown Himself active in peace and in war. Though liberal hypocrites like Michael Moore slander snipers as murderers and invoke the name of Christ in their propaganda, God is, in fact, the author of “one shot, one kill.”


Chris Kyle was no less the instrument of God as the Devil of Ramadi than was an ancient Syrian bowman whose arrow flew by Divine command. (I Kings 21: 29-40) Millenia ago, Ahab, the wicked King of Israel, thought to hide himself from the judgement of God by switching armor with Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah. Ahab rode into battle against the Syrians, smug in the knowledge that he had proven more clever than the Omniscient. The Syrian King commanded his thirty two captains to focus their might on Ahab but, having switched armor, Jehoshaphat came under withering Syrian assault. Jehoshaphat cried out in terror, alerting the Syrians to the ruse. But, at that moment an unnamed Syrian bowman nocked an arrow and drew his bow. The battle raged before him, a sea of armor, flashing swords, and gore. With no point of aim, from the safety of distance, he let the arrow slip and arc toward fate. Wicked Ahab, the infamous Jezebel's husband, stood in his chariot encased in armor while the arrow sang through the air with the voice of sure judgement. Ahab must surely have been thunderstruck as the arrow sprouted from his body, having miraculously found the joints of his armor--God's sovereign will accomplished with a shaft of wood, a bit of metal, and a shot loosed on a lark.

Ahab died that day, bleeding into the bottom of his chariot. He died just as Elijah said he would and the dogs licked Ahab's blood fulfilling God's specific promise of judgement. The Syrian bowman is lost to history. He loosed his arrow from the boarders of the battle and hidden from the sight of his ultimate target. And, did so, indisputably, as God's instrument of justice. That bowman was the ancient equivalent of the modern sniper and he was clearly used of God to accomplish His purpose. The all-seeing eye of God trained that arrow on His intended target. His judgement is sure and He never misses. Ahab fell, despite all his conniving, to a single unerring bowshot—one shot, one kill. It seems from this Biblical history that God and Michael Moore are at variance. A wise man would be trepidatious of being in Moore's position; one can almost see his corpulent profile slouched in Ahab's chariot.


People like Michael Moore are comfortable with the hippy-dippy Jesus who is non-judgmental, a one dimensional caricature of love, and an inveterate pacifist. This fictional Christ is clearly no threat to liberal sensibilities or to Michael Moore's Anti-American narrative. He's constructed a Frankenstein's monster with grotesque doctrinal dissections, giving life to a fictional, liberal Jesus. But, the truth about God's nature, about Christ, and the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is incomparably sublime and at the same time fearful to behold. God is love but he is also perfectly holy and as the Bible describes, “..God is a consuming fire.”(Hebrews 12:29) The same God who revealed Himself as Redeemer on the cross is the same God who drove the “sniper’s”arrow of judgement between the gaps in Ahab’s armor. Christ is the embodiment of love, but love may be stirred to wrath. We should never forget the image of Christ, flailing the money changers in the Temple with a scourge of cords fashioned by His own hands. The real Jesus even commanded his disciples to sell their garments, if necessary, to purchase a sword. (Luke 22:36) He is not only the author of “one shot, one kill”but, it seems, the author of the right to keep and bear arms. This Jesus is a refutation of the categorical condemnation of America as a prosecutor of unjust war. This Jesus cannot be moved to condemn America for waging a war in Iraq and Afghanistan conducted in just retribution for the deaths of three thousand American citizens and in the pursuit of critical national interests.


The truth about governments, their warriors, and the nature of war is encapsulated in Romans 13:1-4. In short, governments that pursue God's natural law are ordained of God. These governments may prosecute war in defense of their citizens and in pursuit of national interest with His blessing. Obviously, human institutions are imperfect but America happens to be man's nearest approximation to perfection. Any liberal argument that categorically denies the existence of just war is simply diametrically opposed to what God has revealed concerning Himself. Legitimate government bears not the sword in vain and neither do those who are charged with the awesome responsibility of combat. Chief Chris Kyle was such a man and liberals despise his example for the same reason that they hate America--they both represent the truth that character is indispensable to Liberty, accomplishment, and happiness. As Alexis de Tocqueville stated in Democracy In America, democracies are only possible where the people are moral. Liberalism is, at its core, a political justification for license and is, therefore, undemocratic. This is why people like Moore become apoplectic about the success of movies like American Sniper; it is a refutation of liberalism as a majority position and it is a confirmation that vast numbers of Americans still believe in God, family, and country.

Moore also levels the charge of cowardice against snipers, one of which was allegedly responsible for Moore's grandfather's death during World War II. What moral difference exists between the warrior who fires a bullet from long range and the soldier, airmen, or sailor who presses the trigger of a drone while seated in air conditioned comfort? Moore is queerly silent about drones, firing Hellfire missiles, and winnowing the field of combatants from the comfort of the Oval Office. Additionally, launching a mortar shell or firing a Howitzer from beyond the horizon is no more morally reprehensible than shouldering a sniper's rifle. What is morally reprehensible and ethically grotesque is the perversion of God's truth to suit a political agenda and to wag a lying tongue in assassination of a peerless character. Who is the coward? The man who earned five bronze stars and two silver stars on the field of honor or the man who has known no danger beyond the choking hazard presented by engorging cheeseburgers without chewing. Moore has only risked the danger of a ravenous gluttony, passing the meat of an unbridled food-lust between his greased and lugubrious lips. Moore bears a striking resemblance to another Biblical figure, the ancient Moabite King, Eglon, another corpulent man, whose end was bitter and ignoble. (Judges 3:12-22)


War is a terrible business and if men were Angels then we could all beat our swords into plowshares. But, the reality of the world is that man is fallen and evil is tangible. Evil lives in the hearts of Islamic jihadists and men like Chris Kyle are necessary, who pursue their unique trade with honor, and who kill the enemy without moral trepidation. Conversely, men like Michael Moore lurk in the denizens of the phony tough, whose judgement is whistling on the wind just as sure as King Ahab's.

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