Children-Pawns on the Progressive Chessboard

Posted: Aug 10, 2014 12:01 AM
Children-Pawns on the Progressive Chessboard

"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." Luke 17:2

The recent border crisis illustrates the utter depravity of the progressive movement. It is a purely political machine, without conscience, bent upon a single objective--the acquisition of power. As well, the Democrat party is a machine whose gears are greased with the miserable poor, sometimes with the blood of destitute children.

This is a Dickensian tale populated with real life power-grubbing barons in black top hats. No turn of the century robber baron could rival the callous inhumanity of Democrats who feed on a misery of circumstance and make political merchandise of the weak to fuel their monstrous ambition. At least, in the end, Dickens’ Mr. Scrooge recognized the wretched state of his twisted soul and found reformation. But progressive plutocrats bloviate endlessly about compassion for illegal immigrant children while encouraging the process that lures them into abuse, neglect, and destruction.

Wouldn't a responsible compassion dictate that these children be returned to their families? It strains credulity to suggest that illegal alien children should be scattered to the four winds, secreted among us. It's difficult to not be cynical of the Obama administration's motives with its penchant to circumvent the will of the people and the expressed intent of Congress. Surreptitiously releasing the Gitmo five in exchange for a deserter is the most recent example of Obama's brand of transparency.

With scores of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border on a daily basis, shouldn't the autocrats in Washington focus their collective intellect on how to most quickly and efficiently remove those children from harm's way and reunite them with their parents? Doesn't common sense dictate that by plugging the gaping hole in our Southern border the incentive to send children on Obama's “trail of tears” evaporates?

The Obama administration is directly responsible for encouraging this influx of children. Early in 2011 Obama announced “prosecutorial discretion” which signaled a change in immigration policy, broadly interpreted as favoring amnesty for juveniles able to make it across our Southern border. The timeline pinpointing the spike in children crossing the border is fully documented in a Breitbart column carefully researched by John Sexton.

At minimum, this administration is guilty of blundering immigration policy that resulted in a cascade of unintended consequences resulting in human catastrophe. What is likely, however, is that this flood of unaccompanied children has been calculated by Democrat progressives in a plot to grant amnesty to children and then, by their logic, to import their parents as the only compassionate resolution.

This is the perverse logic espoused by adherents to a movement whose ends are justified by any means leading to the perpetuation of political power. In stead of scrupulous Republicans engaging this immigration disaster head-on with conviction, they cower before Latino hucksters who make merchandise out of this tragedy. The animus of the American people is reserved for those politicians who shirk the call of human decency and pander to racist organizations such as La Raza, literally “The Race.” The only course of action in these circumstances is the one most obvious to conscience. Children belong with their parents, in their home countries. Any effort to call for amnesty simply creates a commodity out of hapless children.

Mark the politicians well who call for preserving the mechanisms that perpetuate the abuse of illegal immigrant children. Modern immigration barons are only missing an oily, black top hat and monocle. These politicians chain children to their political machines and drive them with the whip of ambition, replacing the fallen with fresh victims lured into abuse and squalor with the illusory promise of the American dream. These progressives are no different than the mercenary coyotes who traffic in the defenseless and leave them diseased and abused at our dilapidated Southern border.

Children aren’t chess pieces and rushing them through processing depots to be housed with individuals who may only have a tenuous relationship to them is child abuse. Corralling illegals aboard government aircraft and herding them like livestock onto government charted buses is an affront to the American people and to the trust placed in the government’s stewardship of public monies.

These poor children are just the latest casualties in the war of class politics. The progressive modus operandi is divide and conquer, to balkanize and dominate. Instead of fostering the traditional process of immigration, which demanded assimilation into American society and affirmed participation in the American dream, the Democrats infected by progressivism only see constituencies composed of ethnicities. Isn’t that the definition of racism? The Obama administration is collectivist to the core and always agitates for the raw material of reckless change—class envy. So, Obama imports the uneducated poor and deceives them with notions of equality of outcome and ensure that Democrats appear as messianic liberators. Progressive Democrats are experts at the bait-and-switch; they promise liberty but are only able to deliver dependance and poverty to the most vulnerable among us.