Is the Release of Bergdahl Just the Trial Balloon?

Posted: Jun 05, 2014 11:40 AM
Is the Release of Bergdahl Just the Trial Balloon?

It is easy to conclude that President Obama’s release of five hardened terrorists from Guantanamo in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was just another sharp stick in the eye of the American people. There have been many.

A major campaign contributor was appointed to lead the investigation of the IRS after an Inspector General report showed that IRS employees routinely abuse confidential IRS information for political purposes.

The Department of Justice sued states to stop them from requiring a photo ID to vote while the EPA requires a photo ID for anyone wishing to attend Climate Change hearings this summer.

The Department of Justice initiated Operation Choke Point that harasses banks providing financing to legitimate businesses that do not meet the approval of the administration such as pay day lenders, gun dealers and ammunition sellers. At the same time the DOJ illegally suspended banking laws to enable the marijuana business.

The president appointed a former lawyer for the NAACP, to a top position in the Department of Justice even though the lawyer had volunteered to appeal the sentence of an admitted cop killer in Philadelphia

When Utah passed a law prohibiting same-sex marriage Attorney General Holder announced that federal law would recognize same-sex marriage in Utah.

Louisiana passed an expansion of vouchers for children of poor families to choose private education and the Department of justice sued them to stop it.

The president is actively flouting immigration laws.

The Obama administration makes a habit of in-your-face decisions, but this prisoner trade is different. The release of five of the most angry and hardened terrorists in the world suggests a casual attitude toward the safety of the American people.

Looking back at a series of decisions taken by President Obama regarding the war between radical Islam and Judeo-Christian values raises serious questions about motive.

In June of 2009 President Obama went to Cairo to speak to the Muslim world. He apologized for American hubris in the past and assured them that we wouldn’t be an adversary in the future.

The Fort Hood shooting was called work-place violence to maintain the politically correct notion that terrorism is no longer a threat. That decision also prevents the families of the victims from receiving the same benefits as other families who have suffered from terrorism.

The administration refused to support the popular uprising against radical Islamists in Tehran in 2009, but hastened to support the Muslim Brotherhood in deposing a friend of 30 years, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, during the Arab Spring in 2011.

Libya’s Qaddafi eliminated his nuclear arsenal and became our partner if not a friend. President Obama joined the rebels in demanding that he step down leaving him to be assassinated by the radical Islamists who subsequently went on to murder our ambassador and three others in Benghazi.

Each of the above decisions regarding the Muslim world benefited the continuing efforts of radical Islam. All of them redounded against the interests of the United States and Israel.

The release of five hardened terrorists from Guantanamo, in absolute contravention of U.S. law, in exchange for an Army deserter helps our enemy too. It is already clear that the five are not in any way constricted in their travels in Qatar. They are not limited in who they can meet with. They will soon reassume their positions as the Board of Directors under the leadership of Mullah Omar.

Sergeant Bergdahl was being held by the Haqqani network which has a history of kidnapping people of value for ransom. Wouldn’t it have been serendipitous if their desire for cash and the president’s desire to empty Guantanamo coincided?

Sgt. Bergdahl was previously offered for just money, but the administration sidetracked that effort and opted for a prisoner exchange. The Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community vetoed that effort as too dangerous for America.

This may just be the beginning. When the political storm recedes the president could release the remaining terrorists at Guantanamo and take a victory lap.

While we are in the mood to gain the release of imprisoned soldiers, there is a marine held in Mexico who deserves to be repatriated. He actually did serve with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan. The president instead chose Sergeant Bergdahl, a reluctant American who very publicly disdains his country and deserted his unit in war. Perhaps the president identifies more with Sgt. Bergdahl than with Sgt. Tahmooressi.

When Sergeant Bergdahl’s father spoke in the Rose Garden he said in Arabic, “In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful.” In so doing Bergdahl sanctified the White House and claimed it for Islam. The president recognized the statement and a gentle smile formed on his face. Terrorists across the world smiled too. Then they celebrated.