Surprise: Attorney "Investigating" IRS Targeting of Conservatives is an Obama, DNC Donor

Posted: Jan 09, 2014 8:57 AM

The woman heading the "investigation" into the improper targeting of conservatives by the IRS, is an Obama and DNC donor according to a new report published in Breitbart News.

Rep. Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter today to Attorney General Eric Holder revealing new information that reached the committee on who is conducting the internal investigations at the IRS regarding the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups. Seeking an explanation as to why the FBI has been unresponsive to the committee, Rep. Issa noted that current and former IRS officials revealed Barbara Bosserman, a trial attorney within the IRS's Civil Rights Commission, is leading the internal investigation.

Bosserman's leadership raises all sorts of questions about the investigation's fairness. Rep. Issa's investigations revealed that she has been a loyal financial backer of the DNC since 2004 and has donated multiple times personally to President Obama's two campaigns. Her personal donation total reaches $6,750 to both the party and President Obama.

"By selecting a significant donor to President Obama to lead an investigation into inappropriate targeting of conservative groups, the Department has created a startling conflict of interest. It is unbelievable that the Department would choose such an individual to examine the federal government's systematic targeting and harassment of organizations opposed to the President's policies. At the very least, Ms. Bosserman's involvement is highly inappropriate and has compromised the Administration's investigation of the IRS," Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday. "We request that you immediately remove Ms. Bosserman from the ongoing investigation."

In a recent sit-down interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews at American University, President Obama brushed off the IRS targeting scandal as a bunch of whiny conservatives upset about a list after pretending to be outraged last summer when allegations of IRS targeting came to the surface.

"They’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged," Obama said to Matthews.

Once again, the fox is watching the hen house. Don't hold your breath waiting for real accountability on this issue.

The White House vehemently denies being involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups, but President Obama's pattern of behavior tells a different story. Over to you, Kim Strassel:

Was the White House involved in the IRS's targeting of conservatives? No investigation needed to answer that one. Of course it was.

President Obama and Co. are in full deniability mode, noting that the IRS is an "independent" agency and that they knew nothing about its abuse. The media and Congress are sleuthing for some hint that Mr. Obama picked up the phone and sicced the tax dogs on his enemies.

But that's not how things work in post-Watergate Washington. Mr. Obama didn't need to pick up the phone. All he needed to do was exactly what he did do, in full view, for three years: Publicly suggest that conservative political groups were engaged in nefarious deeds; publicly call out by name political opponents whom he'd like to see harassed; and publicly have his party pressure the IRS to take action.

Mr. Obama now professes shock and outrage that bureaucrats at the IRS did exactly what the president of the United States said was the right and honorable thing to do. "He put a target on our backs, and he's now going to blame the people who are shooting at us?" asks Idaho businessman and longtime Republican donor Frank VanderSloot.
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