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"We are living in an interminable succession of absurdities imposed by the myopic logic of short-term thinking." -- Jacques Cousteau

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.”Ben Shapiro


Like a crack addict who can’t seem to think about anything other than his next fix, liberals can’t seem to think about anything but spewing their emotions at the world. They may be reflexively saying something that makes them feel compassionate, outraged, sensitive or angry, but liberals usually seem to be caught in the grip of some strong emotion.

Of course, it goes without saying that emotion unmoored from logic produces a lot of warped views, but it also mires a person in short term thinking….if you could even call it that. Because when you’re emotional, most of the time you’re not thinking; you’re reacting based on your “feels.” This is where a lot of liberals live 24 x 7 and so, it’s not shocking that their behavior is so thoughtless.

Take rock star Katy Perry’s reaction to the Manchester bombing, "No barriers, no borders, we all just need to coexist.” So, what does co-existing with radical Islamic terrorists who want to kill you mean? Is Katy Perry going to invite ISIS terrorists from Syria to bomb her next concert?

Can you imagine how bizarre the typical liberal reaction to terrorism must seem to the terrorists?

Terrorist: We want to kill you in the name of Allah because we’re good Muslims!

Liberal: No, you’re not. That’s not what you believe.

Terrorist: Yes, it is.

Liberal: No, no…you’re oppressed and probably upset about global warming.


Terrorist: Wait, what?

Liberal: Let’s all co-exist!

Terrorist: How did you miss the entire, “We want to kill you in the name of Allah” thing? What is wrong with you?

Then there are the Trump Administration leaks. Undoubtedly, some of the leaks inside the Trump Administration are coming from his staff, but others appear to be coming from the “deep state.” In other words, Democratic holdovers in the government bureaucracy are leaking information to the press in order to attempt to sabotage a rival political party. Obviously, these leakers are so consumed with their hatred for Trump that they feel politically motivated leaks are justifiable. Except what’s going to almost inevitably happen once a Democrat gets back into office? Republicans in the deep state are now going to leak things in an attempt to embarrass him.

Liberals are so overwrought with emotion that they don’t get the idea that they’re setting precedents when they do these sort of things. It’s like the shock and surprise they experienced when they used the nuclear option to keep Republicans from blocking Barack Obama’s cabinet appointments, only to find that it also meant they couldn’t stop Trump’s cabinet appointments. Wait, you mean that applies to liberals, too? Yes, and those leaks? The next Democrat President is likely to be undermined in exactly the same way.

Look at the liberal threats and violence at universities that have become a regular occurrence. At worst, liberals riot when people they disagree with speak on college campuses and at best, they make threats and do everything they can to rob conservative speakers of their First Amendment rights. Liberals are so supportive of this kind of thing that the police in liberal cities or on liberal campuses refuse to stop the rioting or disruptions.


In other words, conservatives no longer get the same protection from the police. Even illegal aliens are treated better by the police on campuses controlled by liberals. So, when that’s the case, is anyone surprised to see that someone like Based Stick Man was warmly received by conservatives for breaking a stick over a violent ANTIFA protestor’s head? It wouldn’t surprise me if we start seeing armed gangs of conservatives policing marches to protect other people on the Right from armed gangs of liberals since the Left has convinced the police not to do it. This is the world liberals are creating with their short term thinking: one where both sides of the political argument will have armed factions at political rallies. How healthy does that sound for the country?

Liberals do the same thing on the deficit. “Supporting that program makes me feel good! Spend somebody else’s money on it and I don’t like thinking about the debt; so just ignore that.”

They did it with Obamacare. They lied about the bill, assumed no one would recognize they were misled to when the bill became law and cared nothing about creating an expensive new entitlement program when the country is drowning in debt.

They get upset that Trump actually told NATO that if we’re going to be in a military alliance, then the nations involved will have to spend enough on their militaries so that they field an effective military force. How dare Trump try to make NATO useful again!


They’re so blinded by their emotions that they’ll even rank Hillary Clinton as the 6th most beautiful woman on the planet. Seriously.

It is impossible to competently govern a nation based on pure emotion and short term thinking. Additionally as a practical matter, it’s impossible to cut a deal with people whose entire rationale for doing things is, “A celebrity told me what I should believe and now I have to do it” or “I heard a sad story yesterday; so everything has changed.” At some point, liberals have to engage in some long term thinking that goes beyond, “As long as we’re in charge, everything we do is okay,” or our country is going to get dragged down the tubes along with them.

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