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I am not a citizen of the world. I am not going to be part of your collective. I don’t respect the United Nations, international law or think any other culture compares favorably to our own. Don’t get me wrong: I respect the Brits, the Israelis, the Aussies and a few other nations that have built great legacies their children can be proud of, but they’re not America. We’re better than the rest of the world…or we used to be.


It doesn’t matter how many Americans are out of work or how many immigrants end up on welfare; we keep looking for ways to raise the level of immigration. It’s like a man who is drowning to death trying to find a way to get deeper underwater. Now, we spend most of our time trying to be more like nations that are poorer, weaker and less moral than we are while we encourage people who move here from inferior nations to hold onto their backward cultures.

When you say the culture of a nation like Mexico or Syria is inferior to the United States, that’s not being mean; it’s just a statement of fact. When you say Islam is a more primitive and violent religion than Christianity, that’s not an opinion; that’s a fact that everyone with eyes, ears and a brain already knows but doesn’t want to say out loud.

People don’t want to tell the truth because we live in a politically correct world full of liberal losers who are rewriting the rule books to benefit themselves.

Being part of the “elite” now has more to do with going to the right school and adhering to the right politically correct beliefs than it does with merit. We have people running government agencies who would never be able to cut it as a night shift manager at Denny’s.

“Compassion” now has nothing to do with actual compassion. Missionaries, pastors and people who toil endlessly helping the homeless or poor families aren’t given as much credit as pundits calling for new big government legislation or even morons tweeting how much they care about some “famous” lion they never heard of before it was shot.


Middle class Americans who play by the rules are treated as piggy banks for the lazy, ignorant and unskilled. Their concerns are ignored by a lawless government they live in fear of offending. Even “winning” a case against the EPA or some zoning board financed by their own tax dollars can be expensive and take years. Any society where the citizens fear the government instead of the government fearing the citizens is an oppressive society, no matter how loudly the politicians proclaim their love of freedom.

I don’t respect liberals who seem to be obsessed with impressing people with how “kind” and “sensitive” they are by taking up the latest trendy cause that no one really cares about. It’s cheap and easy to natter on about “gay rights,” “Islamophobia,” “racism” or talk about how much “guns” worry you. The more useless you actually are to society and the less you accomplish, the easier it is to pretend that smearing other people in the name of fighting some “ism” is a courageous, noteworthy endeavor, as opposed to worthless prattling designed to make yourself look good to other simpletons.  

If only….if only the people going on about gay rights had to raise their kids next to a gay bathhouse in San Francisco. If only the white liberals who think guns are terrible and who believe every problem black Americans have is caused by racism had to move to inner city Chicago. If only the people who decry any attempt at holding back radical Islam as “Islamophobia” had to live somewhere like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia for a year.


It’s always some over-protected, coddled cretin who thinks he’s both a misunderstood genius and a victim complaining about the people who are working hard, paying their own way, who just want to be left alone to live their lives without interference.

Maybe it’s selfish, but I’d love to see Texas secede from the United States so those of us with our heads screwed on right would have a place to go after liberals ruin this country. The United States is on that same highway to Hell as the Greeks, Romans and Brits. Because of liberalism, Americans will one day look back at a once great nation, despair at how far they’ve fallen and know in their souls that our civilization will never reach those storied heights again. If liberals weren’t so ignorant, selfish and self-absorbed, they’d be down on their knees apologizing for what they’re doing to future generations in our country.

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