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Rioters And Looters Belong In Jail, In The Morgue Or On The Business End Of A Nightstick

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Since Obama became President and started subtly supporting race-baiting and cop-hating, mob violence is back in style.

Hordes of Occupy thugs took over parks, blocked traffic and vandalized property while cops were ordered to leave them alone. Ferguson was ripped to pieces while the Democratic governor held back the National Guard. BlackLivesMatter asshats have been blocking traffic across the country. There have been smaller violent outbursts in LA, Oakland and Brooklyn and now Baltimore is under siege by roving gangs of punks.


There’s a simple reason this is happening and it’s not criminals getting killed after confrontations with the police or the general animosity that liberals have worked so hard to develop between some black Americans and the cops -- although that obviously plays a role in setting the stage for all of this violence.

In truth, people who are scum riot and loot in towns like Ferguson and Baltimore for a very simple reason: they enjoy doing it and they believe they can get away with it.

The people who are in the streets rioting and looting, as opposed to peaceful protesters, business owners or just law-abiding citizens, are human garbage. For them, it’s FUN to throw a brick through a window, beat someone up or steal everything they can carry from a local business. It’s COOL to turn over a police car. It’s EXHILARATING to set something on fire or destroy a restaurant.

Normally, they don’t do that sort of thing, but it’s not because they think it’s wrong or respect other people’s property. To the contrary, they don’t do it because they don’t believe they can get away with it.

However, when there’s chaos in the streets and hundreds, if not thousands of other people are around, they can ramp up the savagery and hope to get lost in the crowd while the police are too busy to deal with them.

Even if they do get caught, liberals have started habitually excusing rioting and looting. That further encourages these thugs to believe that even if they do get caught, they’ll get off light.


You want to put an end to rioting in this country?

Then you start by recognizing that Job #1 of a government is to protect law-abiding citizens from disorder and violence. Whatever “rights” a piece of paper says you have are irrelevant if your store is being burned, your daughter is being raped and you can’t walk the streets without potentially being attacked by a mob.

Once you accept that premise, then you encourage the police or if necessary, the National Guard, to use as little force as necessary, but as much force as needed to put an end to any rioting and looting.

Rioters and looters belong in jail, in the morgue or on the business end of a nightstick – and the people who dole out those punishments deserve the full support of the government and the country.

By that, I mean if you throw a brick at a cop and he shoots you, you deserve it. If your favorite football team wins a NCAA game and you get roughed up badly enough to end up in the hospital while you’re flipping over a car to “celebrate,” you earned it.

To do otherwise is to punish the law-abiding citizens who are threatened by your barbaric behavior.

Why should Americans who obey the law and play by the rules cower in fear, hoping their businesses won’t be burned to the ground or that a mob won’t walk by and attack them while police give thugs in the street what the mayor of Baltimore calls the “space to…destroy?”


Of course, the mayor of Baltimore now claims that her words were taken out of context, but the fact of the matter is that they accurately describe what was done in Baltimore, in Ferguson and everywhere these thugs have run wild during the Obama era. Instead of cracking down and reasserting its authority, the government let the mob take control.

Instead of continuing the failed policy of giving mobs “space to…destroy,” the government should take a page from Haley Barbour’s post-Katrina book and announce that looters and rioters will be treated “ruthlessly.” When that happens and we start to see follow-through, we’ll hear endless complaints from liberals, there will be peaceful protests, but that will also be the end of the rioting and looting.

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