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20 Bizarre Quirks of American Politics

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1) The worst places in America for minorities to live are run lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat Party and yet the residents of those areas overwhelmingly blame Republicans for their plight.

2) We give out condoms in high schools, our entertainment on TV is DRENCHED in sex while porn and strip clubs are ever present throughout most of the country. Meanwhile, virgins and chaste women are thought of as quaint relics of a bygone era who haven't caught up with the times. Then, we're shocked that more than a third of the population has a venereal infection and 48 percent of all first births are happening outside of marriage .

3) The first reaction to people breaking the law with guns is always a demand that we find a way to take weapons away from law abiding citizens.

4) Politicians vote for bills that run thousands of pages that they haven't read and haven't debated and this is not thought of as particularly unusual.

5) In a nation where 47% of Americans pay no income tax at all, we commonly hear claims that the wealthiest Americans aren't paying their "fair share" even though 86% of all income taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners.

6) Many well known "victims" in American politics are showered with attention, fame and sometimes even financial rewards to such an extent that being thought of as a "victim" may be the greatest moment of someone's life.

7) Despite the fact that there were rapes, murders and more than 7,000 arrests associated with the Occupy Movement, it's the Tea Party that has been smeared as a potentially dangerous and violent group.

8) Actors, movie stars and singers whose livelihood is dependent on being well liked by the public often freely insult the Republican half of the country without paying any sort of significant price for it.


9) Al Gore is accepted as the world's most prominent advocate of living a humble, non-ostentatious lifestyle to prevent global warming; yet he lives in a 30 thousand square foot home and flies around the country in a private jet.

10) When politicians talk about "cutting spending" in D.C., inevitably what they mean is cutting the rate of spending growth.

11) Currently, the Republican Party is bending over backwards to try to find a way to make 11 million illegal aliens into citizens even though the legal penalty for that crime is deportation and every scrap of evidence from the last thirty years seems to indicate those voters will break AT LEAST 2-to-1 for the Democrats.

12) Whether a statement is called "racist" or not has more to do with the political party of the person involved than the actual comment. A "racist remark" that could destroy the career of a Republican might not even make the newspaper if it is said by a Democrat.

13) There are numerous members of the Republican Party, which gets roughly 50% of the vote nationally, that want to dump social issues so we can be more like the Libertarian Party, which gets about 1% of the vote nationally.

14) Insisting that the government live within its means is considered to be a radicalism, while suggesting that it spend trillions of dollars that we don't have and will probably never be able to pay back is considered largely non-controversial in D.C.


15) Ultimately, elections in America tend to be decided by the "most indecisive, least informed, least deserving voters" who make decisions at the last minute.

16) Polls consistently show that the American public is strongly in favor of cutting government spending and yet, when you get into specifics, Americans oppose cuts to spending on just about any and every program imaginable.

17) Having few accomplishments of note and a sparse voting record on bills is considered a HUGE ADVANTAGE in running for the presidency of the United States.

18) Each election, roughly 90% of black Americans vote for the political party behind slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws.

19) Between 80% and 90% of the supposedly "unbiased" mainstream media votes for Democrats over Republicans every election.

20) In a nation that's 70% Christian and 2% Muslim, Christianity is regularly mocked in the foulest of terms by Hollywood and the mainstream media while Islam is treated with great respect.

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