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Democrats Do Not Need to Be in Power. Otherwise, America is Finished.

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Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, Pool

We face a pandemic that has not been seen at this level in a century, causing all levels of government to react. Health departments have issued specific guidelines in an attempt to slow down the infection rate, but how much will it help? Only time will tell. However, you can count on one thing when there is an opportunity to gain more power: the Democratic Party will find a way to obtain more authority. After the last six to eight weeks, one thing is evident. We can never allow the Democratic Party to own Washington, D.C. ever again. Otherwise, the experiment known as America will no longer exist as intended.


Our Founding Fathers wanted something different. They came from a government that was centralized and had complete rule over the citizens. Freedom did not exist. Individuals were not allowed to worship as they wanted. One could not speak out against the Crown for fear of imprisonment. There were no protections from impromptu government searches and seizures. And forget about firearms. Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin understood that to be free as an individual, the government could not be significant and must be bound to restrictions.  The COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the Democratic Party. They are a group of overreaching, power-hungry politicians. The idea that businesses are shut down because of their edicts sends a chill down their legs. The Democrats have been given the power to stop capitalism. The "evil" system that allows citizens to not rely on the government to have a house or food. 

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has been the face of the Democrats overreach during the outbreak. The mainstream media has adored her as well as other Democratic Party members. She has exemplified what it means to be a leftist. Whitmer took her power and enacted a stay-at-home order that forbade Michiganders from going to other's homes, even if they are family members. She faced backlash with a protest where thousands of residents showed up at the state capital. In turn, she issued a public statement against the First Amendment actions, acting like a third-grade teacher whose students disobeyed her.  


The idea that individual citizens can take care of themselves without the help of government assistance flies in the face of Democrats – they hate it. The Democratic Party relies on a permanent underclass.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many governors to shut down their states, causing people to lose their jobs, businesses closed their doors permanently, and millions of people filed for unemployment. 

We see Democrats holding onto lockdowns as long as possible using the vehicle of fearmongering along with consistently changing models. Meanwhile, when a Republican mentions the possibility of opening up the economy, the left starts suggesting that the right cares more about money than lives. It is insanity. 

If American's who are out of work decide to take the easy way out and live off of the government, you can say "goodbye" to America. The Democrats have become the party of entitlements. They devalue the idea of hard work and make it difficult for small businesses to become successful or even grow with burdensome regulations and high taxes. 

The Democratic Party is not entirely at fault. Weak Republicans who allow this to happen are to blame as well. And let's not forget those on the right who smile to their constituents while making backroom deals with their colleagues on the left.


As long as center-right politicians "go along to get along," America is headed for an existence never intended by our founders. We have come to a point in this country when crossing the aisle is unacceptable. The reason? Republicans concede while Democrats get what they want. 

When Republicans do not pushback, they give Democrats more power, and the left inches the goalposts further back. Look at the damage that has been done to our country when the left only holds one branch. Imagine the unconstitutional socialist moves made if Democrats held all three. It is terrifying for anyone who loves freedom and liberty. 

Every four years, we hear, "November is the most important election ever for America." However, as the Democratic Party lurches further and further to the left, the saying becomes more and more accurate.

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us that Democrats can never be in charge again. Otherwise, the American experiment is finished.

John Dempsey is a graduate of American Military University and has a deep understanding of law enforcement issues and how they relate to the Constitution, society and our culture. He’s been published in and He can be followed on Twitter @John_Demp83.


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