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[Retraction] The Australian Wildfires Are About Arsonists – Not Climate Change

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AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

Retraction: The Australian bushfires cannot be solely attributed to arson. Of the 183 people arrested, only 24 were arrested for deliberately starting fires. Officials from both the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Country Fire Authority have stated that the predominant cause of the bushfires is lightning. It is also important to note that Australia was going through a severe drought at the time. 


Climate Change opportunists are using the Australian wildfire arsons to push their political aspirations. In true leftist fashion, they are applying the motto once said by former Chicago Democratic Mayor Rahm Emmanuel – “never let a crisis go to waste.” 

In the last couple of months, as many as 200 wildfires have destroyed Australia all over the continent. Due to the number of fires and location, law enforcement determined that the blazes were intentionally set, and 183 arsonists have been arrested for the crime so far. The Left tends to ignore the truth and push lies that work for their political agenda – this time, it was Climate Change.

The Left blames humans, specifically those who do not believe in the political ideology of human-made Climate Change. Leftists pushed the narrative that we, as humans are not doing enough to stop the earth from heating up. Climate deniers are blamed. There is one problem: arsonists set the fires. People driving cars, flying in airplanes, and overeating red meat have nothing to do with the flames. Nefarious individuals are the ones who caused the blazes.  

The Left has seized this opportunity to blame intentionally set fires by protesting over them then lying about their genesis, which is disingenuous at best. To lie about what started these fires is a clue to those who are unsure or skeptical that they do not have any substantial evidence. The Left’s “consensus of scientists” are usually funded by the government. The researcher’s livelihood depends on politicians supporting the portion of the federal budget that guarantees a paycheck. The source of funding leads to the manipulation of data. 


If the Left had defensible, trustworthy information, they would not need to make up the scenario that over 200 fires popped up on the continent of Australia due to Climate Change. It is quite humorous that no other wildfires to this intensity and number have randomly sparked anywhere else in the southern hemisphere during its summer months. 

The Left does not operate in authenticity. They often lie either through intentional mistruth or omission. Deception, as a tactic, became apparent when they began pushing the narrative of cow flatulence, causing global warming and the need for fewer cattle. The idea that cows are emitting too much gas is laughable. 

Leftists are comfortable with lies to push their agenda for one reason: the Left comprises of moral criminals. Yes, committing crimes and making fellow humans’ victims is immoral; however, the Left’s positioning is not criminal in the legal sense, but morally. 

In an ideology that is void of God and places humans in the Creator’s place, there is only chaos. Man is innately bad. Yet, leftists look toward other humans for answers – typically politicians or social media influencers – for direction. 

Due to the internal drive to do wrong before good, it only makes sense that the Left uses lies, hatred, and riots to get what they desire. In Leftist ideology, those who disagree must be “canceled” or ridiculed to obscurity.  


Nothing good comes from the Left. It ruins everything that it touches. If there is any actual human-made climate change, it is hard to believe the disciples. 

The Left is heartless. They are a selfish, ideology-driven group that is using destruction, fear, and upending to promote the push for changes to “combat” Climate Change. Leftists claim they are more concerned with the environment than the Right; however, they are not protesting against the criminals who started these destructive fires that have killed animals and destroyed natural habitats. Instead, the Left is claiming it is the climate deniers’ fault. 

Climate Change is about growing governmental control and making political opponents pay for not going along with the narrative. 

The Left is irresponsible. They are opportunists looking for something to exploit for their political goals. These fires were set by criminals who have no due regard for the animals who naturally live in the habitat or the homes and other property their fellow citizens have lost. 

These blazes are not the result of human-made Climate Change. They are the product of arsonists not spontaneously bursting fires as the Left implies.

John Dempsey is a graduate of American Military University and has a deep understanding of law enforcement issues and how they relate to the Constitution, society and our culture. He’s been published in BearingArms.com and AmericanThinker.com. He can be followed on Twitter @John_Demp83.


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