Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Censorship Has Got to Go!

Posted: Aug 24, 2018 10:00 AM
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Social justice will not and cannot exist if leftists are in charge of the movement. Since the inception of the term, nothing good has come from the actions of social justice warriors. They have brought political division, animosity, cried for wages that have closed businesses, and ruined any good that may have been possible. Liberalism and social justice go hand in hand.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines social justice as,” a state or doctrine of egalitarianism.” SJWs believe that inequalities are evil, and should not exist. However, nothing is equal, and there will always be inequalities. Leftists promote an idea that all people should be the same. While that is a noble thought, the implementation of making all things equal does not exist. 

Leftists created the phrase social justice in a façade that they are the ones who care about other people that may be poor, or downtrodden. 

The term social justice is a misnomer. Leftism’s goal is to bring society down to an equal level, not to give an opportunity to all individuals to raise themselves up to a higher, equal level. 

While there will never be complete equality, conservatism gives people the opportunity to become better. There is no justice in a mob or government breaking down people and businesses in different ways for the sake of alleged equality. Citizens who can sustain on their own, and rely less on the government have a better opportunity at succeeding more than anyone has with traditional left-wing social justice. 

Technology such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has openly admitted that the censoring of conservative ideas does happen on their platforms. These massive left-wing technology social media sites do not like the sense of individualism and self-reliance, so they pick and choose the material to shape opinions. People need to hear more than one idea to decide. Equality does not exist when only one way of thinking is available. That is called mind control, or brainwashing, which is the only way the left will get their point across. Opposing ideas is a threat. 

Dennis Prager is a loud, but humble conservative voice. He created Prager University which creates terrific, thought-provoking and life-changing videos. Recently, there was a 99.99% drop in traffic to the Prager U Facebook page in an attempt to silence him.

SJWs boast that they fight injustice, which could not be further from the truth. In this case, Prager U is not allowed to present an idea that may help at least one person mentally, spiritually, or in general lifestyle philosophy, causing real injustice.

The truth is leftists do not care about injustice. They only want power, along with the massive tech companies. 

Loosely using the term, authentic social justice allows all citizens the ability to determine the best opportunities which fits their thoughts. A company in Silicon Valley does not know what is best for society. Tech companies must stop censoring different ideas.

Realistically, the left and SJWs will not change because they will lose power. Social justice did not begin with the intention to give the best to everyone. The genesis is a violent power grab to change our society and culture away from traditional Judeo-Christian values and traditional patriotism for the United States. 

Radical social justice and censoring are anti-American, and must go.