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Law enforcement doesn’t get any appreciation from Democrats. The 2016 election cycle had anti-police rhetoric from Hillary, and President Obama often got condescending comments in as well his entire time in office. We are in the midst of a manufactured crisis at the southern border, and the left pretends to care suddenly. Obama’s tenure was lax on immigration enforcement. Now, we have a president that is tough on immigration laws. He wants Border Patrol to do their job, along with Immigration Customs Enforcement, or ICE. It comes as no surprise that Democrats aren’t happy about that. 

Recently, Dick Durbin, a Democratic senator, took a shot at ICE agents and called them “a group of incompetents.” He thinks Democrats have the answer to the immigration crisis they were in favor of when Obama was in office. 

Durbin went on to say ICE agents should be interdicting drugs. Well, that sort of thing already happens in the checkpoints when entering the country. ICE has many different job activities within their duties, just like most jobs in America. The ironic part about the drug interdiction comment is that Durbin pushed back against the Trump Administrations one-size-fits-all mandatory minimums for fentanyl traffickers. Fentanyl is an illegal substance that will kill someone on contact by just breathing it, but now he cares about drugs. Durbin’s incompetence is showing.

The left is calling for the abolishment of ICE. The agents enforce customs laws, and keep employers from hiring illegals, or take businesses that have illegals working for them, and deport them. This allows job opportunities for American citizens. To think that it is okay to take away from American jobs and no one cares is idiotic. 

Durbin said ICE is deporting families instead of felons. That’s not true. The agency does deport criminals. However, through Democratic encouragement, the illegal lawbreakers often make their way back over the border and end up committing other felonies that seriously injure, or kill citizens. Kate Steinle is the number one example. That should make you wonder why Durbin cares more about illegals than people who are here legally. Let’s not forget the Democratic support for sanctuary cities that houses felonious illegal aliens. Does Durbin want ICE going after them? Probably not, since deporting that set of people would lessen the chance of completing the Cloward-Piven strategy of creating a national economic collapse. 

The left is immoral in just about everything they do. This isn’t about separation of families. Leftists are for open borders. Family separation is just a convenient cover narrative. Democrats are using families to get their way politically. 

If you don’t understand child separation is for the safety of the child, you’re the incompetent one. There are child sex traffickers that pose as parents. Democrats don’t care, however. Some kids are drug mules, but that is okay with the left. 

We live in a country of laws. Immigration laws are some of the most important for safety. They are meant to protect us from people who don’t belong here. The fact is illegal immigration brings crime, and death. Just ask the Angel Moms. 

ICE is allowed to do their jobs now. The left is irate because that isn’t politically expedient for them. 

Durbin doesn’t think ICE agents are the only incompetent ones. He also thinks anyone who disagrees on this issue is incompetent as well. 

The only one incompetent is the left. There are substantial poll numbers out on immigration that favor Trump, but the left attacks the agency that completes the job that many Americans find favor in.

It’s hard to get mad at Durbin when he’s saying such politically incompetent things. 

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