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For approximately the last century, the Democrat Party has been able to gather two-thirds to three-fourths of the American Jew votes in presidential elections. The left has also collected close to three-quarters of congressional ballots as well. How much longer should this trend last? 


The Democratic policies supposedly help the less fortunate. Jewish values have compassion for the same. Perhaps, the left’s claims to care for others drove Jews to vote for Democrats. However, liberal politicians have become hard leftists the last ten or so years. It may be time for Jews to abandon the left side of the aisle as the left has abandoned them for anti-Jewish sentiments. 

The Jewish value system places worth on having compassion of the less advantaged people in society. It is excellent to have sympathy, but where do Democrats act on their compassion? They push for social welfare programs that take dignity from the recipients, encouraging them not to work. The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament speaks a lot about the value of hard work. Democrats don’t encourage hard work, but Jews do.  

In the past, the Democratic Party may have appreciated Jews. However, that is no longer the case. President Clinton and President Obama made campaign promises to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. However, they never fulfilled the promise. President Trump also campaigned on recognizing the Holy City as the capital of Israel. The difference is Trump fulfilled his promise in approximately two years. A political outsider did it. Why couldn’t the Democrats?  

Obama has an apparent animus towards the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. The former United States president lied, saying that he was going to stop spying on Israel. The spying didn't end. In fact, it intensified. 


The most egregious action taken against the Jewish people in American political history has been the Iran deal. Iran is a direct threat to the safety of Israel. The State of Iran funds Hezbollah terrorist group, which consistently attacks Israel. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, with the guidance of Obama, settled on a deal with Iran over their nuclear program. Obama told the American public the deal was going to slow down and curtail Iran’s nukes. But that storyline was debunked. Obama showed his disdain for the people of Israel by allowing Iran to flourish with a clear pathway to nuclear weapons. It was a disgrace to America and the people of Israel. Thankfully, it’s over. 

After a couple of years in office, Trump has withdrawn the United States from the deal that should have been looked into by Congress as a treaty. With a Republican majority, Obama knew ratification would not happen. Instead, he played pandering games to Iran and called it a “deal” for the sake of politics with Israel’s and America’s enemy. And let’s not forget the cool $1.2 billion in American currency that were sent to Iran on crates in the middle of the night like something in a Tom Clancy novel. 

The Democratic National Committee is another example of the left turning their back on Jews. They placed Keith Ellison in a leadership position as the deputy chairman. Ellison is a man who has close ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. On many occasions, Farrakhan has called for the destruction of the nation of Israel and mentioned his hatred for Jews. Democrats still embrace Ellison, despite his friendship with Farrakhan. 


Trump has done more for the Jews than Democrats during his short time in office. He canceled the nuclear deal with Iran, impeding their steps to atomic weaponry. He officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And the American embassy was moved to Jerusalem. 

It is no secret that Jews are often financially acute. There is no doubt the Trump tax cuts have freed up monies that can go towards benevolent causes of their choice. 

The Jewish culture places importance on family values. Democrats are the antithesis by advocating and bolstering the abortion factory known as Planned Parenthood. 

The Democratic Party has placed Jews in the back row politically and taken their vote for granted. Maybe it’s time they reconsider their political party affiliation.   

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