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The media is a powerful tool. It can shape thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Citizens are adequately informed when the news correctly reported. The people who live in America need to know what is happening. Has the media turned from a tool into a weapon?

The last couple of years has been exhausting in some ways. The day Trump went down the escalator, the media set out to destroy him. The only problem is they did not create him. Trump made himself, and that is something they have trouble understanding. 

CNN, MSNBC, and all of the other mainstream media news outlets are obsessed with attacking Trump. They have tried to spin what he tweets, tell half-truths, and blatantly lie. The mainstream media has abused their power. It has even driven a Bernie Sanders campaign member to take an AK-47 and shoot a senator. That hasn’t stopped them. 

Our founders understood the government needed to stay in check. By allowing us to have a free press, we could enjoy that ability to expose and push back on an overreaching authority. However, the people who ran the media in those days understood what lying would do. They had morals. Now, we have Brian Stelter with CNN making up conspiracies and lies by saying that Melania is missing. The media pushed the narrative that she and the president were separated, and even went so far as to accuse him of beating her. The left ignored that Melania just had kidney surgery and was recovering. 

For days, we heard that Trump’s Border Patrol was placing kids in cages, but the leftist failed to report that Obama did the same thing, In fact, the picture that was used to peddle the deception was from 2014, when Obama was in office. They are the masters of selective outrage. 

Now, John Cusack has gone on a Twitter rant. Today, he started calling for people to “hit the streets” in civil disobedience. He went on a roll with a series of psychotic tweets. Several of his tweets were from leftist news articles about illegal alien children separated from their parents by Border Patrol, which has been ruled 100% legal by the 9th circuit court of appeals. The media has enraged Cusack. He’s a pawn. 

Will Cusack go out in the streets with these people? Of course not. He will stay back in his cushy Hollywood mansion. 

Liberals in the media and individuals like Cusack will cause more people to get hurt. Senator Scalise is a prime example. Media members prey on citizens who are mentally ill, or weak-minded to cause trouble and do their dirty work. Has anyone ever heard of a group called Antifa? 

The free press was meant to expose an overreaching government. They weren’t supposed to lie, conspire, manipulate, or peddle narratives. The mainstream media has abused their power. Trump and Conservative outlets have exposed the leftist news bias. That is why leftists hate them so much. All CNN and everyone else needs to do is tell the truth. But the hate is too strong. 

Right now, the media is being immature and irresponsible. Stop whining because your candidate lost.

The more they lie, the more dangerous the media will become. 

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