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Leftists Don’t Understand Freedom

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Twitter was set on fire Monday. The Supreme Court offered its 7-2 decision in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. The baker, Jack Phillips, didn’t refuse service to the plaintiffs based on the fact that they were homosexual. He would not create a cake for the wedding itself. Leftists held that Phillips should violate his First Amendment rights for the sake of the couple. The highest court in the land said no. Religious freedom won.

As expected, the left went on a rampage. Liberals jumped on social media and began to express their disdain. They criticized the court and claimed the ruling was discrimination. 

Nancy Pelosi was quick to address the ruling saying this was bias disguised as religious freedom. No, the couple chose for this to happen. Colorado is a gay-friendly state. There is a multitude of bakeries that would have made a cake. Instead, the men decided to go the political route and attempt to shove their chosen lifestyle down the throat of Phillips. They wanted to flaunt the same-sex marriage ruling in his face, but in the end, it backfired.

Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian, took to the streets of Michigan where it is a dense population of Islamic residents. He went to a Muslim baker and asked for a cake. He posed as a gay man and said this was for his wedding. This YouTube video was circulated heavily around the internet for some time. The left was silent. Why? The bottom line is leftists hate Christianity. They conveniently ignore that radical Islamists are murdering homosexuals, and in this case not baking a cake.  

When the gay marriage case was going through the courts, advocates continually said the government should “stay out of their bedroom.” Now, they want the government in their bedroom by declaring the government demand a private business owner complete a service, regardless of religious values. 

Pelosi said in her statement that the most fundamental right of Americans is to be free of persecution and discrimination. That world will never exist. Even if it did, there would be a substantial government influence in the style of the novel 1984, and where is freedom then. She also tried to make the argument that the business is open to the public, so Phillips must sell a cake for the wedding. Yeah? So? Of course, it is open to the public. How else would he be in business? Just because he sells to the public doesn’t mean he should have the government telling him who to sell to specifically if it violates his religious beliefs. 

Leftist don’t know what freedom is. They believe that liberty is living however you choose, then demanding others to shut their mouths if they don’t agree. Freedom is the ability to live however you want, but being mature enough to handle others opinion. Otherwise, you’re an authoritarian.

The left has another talking point that was used a lot for the marriage case. They liked to say “don’t tell me who I can love.” However, liberals tell Christians they can love God, but only at certain times. 

Today, we learned freedom is still breathing in America. The vote, 7-2, was a landslide.  

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