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The blame game is a specialty of the left. Democrats have convinced their constituents that any plight in life is not their fault. It is the fault of someone else. The mainstream media blame Republicans, and quite convincingly to those who refuse to read conservative news. President Trump has been attacked since Election Day. The most recent attacks have nothing to do with him. The media and Democrats lie and tell you he is the epicenter of many issues.


Roseanne Barr made an offensive tweet the other day. There is no doubt about that. According to the left, the tweet was Trump’s fault. Specifically, Valerie Jarrett, a former chief advisor to Obama, said that Trump should bear some of the blame. She said that his tone gave way to Barr’s social media faux pas, but couldn’t give an example. 

That’s nonsense. Barr’s words have nothing to do with Trump. She is the one who took her phone, clicked on the app, typed her message, and pressed “post.” Barr's tweet is a case of personal action, and now she must take personal responsibility for it. But that is the problem. Leftists vehemently detest owning up to one’s actions. We can’t expect liberals to blame the correct person who sent the tweet. After all, they can’t blame the person who pulls the trigger in a shooting. Somehow, the NRA is always to blame. 

Liberal sports media blames Trump for the national anthem policy enacted by the NFL. The new rule says if a player is on the field during the song, they must stand. If they are against it, they can stay in the locker room. It's a fair balance. It doesn’t allow the political distraction that no one wants to see. Activist players are angry now. Again, somehow this is Trump’s fault. But it’s not.


Leftists on ESPN and other liberal news stations are blaming Trump. They are wrong. Yes, the president has commented on the anthem issue, but it is no different than Obama using his platform to push the fake “hands up don’t shoot” story from Ferguson. Obama was a community organizer, so he reverted to what he knows.

Trump is a businessman, and the NFL is a business. His acumen and experience drove his words in the same way Obama’s were. 

The NFL was losing substantial viewership, so advertisers left. It was a business decision, not a political one. The left has made the NFL’s choice about politics. They have created something out of nothing. There is no benefit for the president, only the league owners. 

Some liberals have blamed the fans for making the NFL “cave.” So what? Roger Goodell and the NFL did cave, but not the side left-wingers wanted, so it was the “wrong decision.” Leftist call for boycotts against businesses that donate to the NRA, or other conservative organizations. The spurning isn’t supposed to happen when it’s pushes back on a progressive political agenda.  


The fans are responsible for not going to games or watching on television to make the ratings drop. People watch football games on their own accord. Before Trump was president, fans choose to view the games or not. And the same thing will happen during and after his time in office. Just like Roseanne's tweet, it’s the fans choice.

It’s the blind derangement game now, not the blame game.

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