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Chelsea Handler’s Progressive Drunk Tweets About Netanyahu

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The last few presidents have promised to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel. These were campaign trail promises made by several presidential candidates. Magically, they all forgot to make that move after being elected. President Trump made the same commitment in 2016. He kept his promise. Earlier this week, the American embassy was moved to Jerusalem. The move has successfully triggered leftists and anti-Semites who claim to be the most compassionate people on earth.

Chelsea Handler is known to be a progressive drunk. She rarely has little to offer regarding improvement to society. Benjamin Netanyahu was slammed in a tweet storm by Handler after the embassy was relocated. Her lack of history was painfully apparent, as well. 

There was no surprise when Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist group, began to riot on the border of Israel. Weapons such as Molotov cocktails and rocks were brought and used. 

The Israeli Defense Forces protected themselves like they have to do on a daily basis. There were dozens of Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded. Israel didn't back down.

Handler came to the rescue of the Palestinians. She jumped on Twitter and within 15 minutes managed to expose her hatred for Jews and her support for the terror group Hamas. She downplayed the fact that protesters brought weapons to injure Israelis.  

She tweeted her support for Palestinian protests. Handler can’t differentiate between demonstrations and groups of people who are attacking others. She mentioned that Israel was going to turn the Gaza strip into a modern-day Auschwitz, overdramatizing the embassy move in a typical progressive move of emotion. 

There are no concentration death camps for Palestinians operated by Israel. Handler is being a drama queen. Jewish people know what Auschwitz was. Handler doesn’t. She wants some retweets and likes, so she jumped into an issue that doesn’t affect her at all. 

Handler has failed to understand the embassy belongs to the United States. Trump promised in his campaign that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem. Palestine doesn’t determine where our embassy goes. Was Handler this upset when President Obama mentioned moving the embassy during his campaign? Of course not. Handler would have loved it if Obama was the one who had the embassy moved to Jerusalem. In reality, she doesn’t care where it is as long as her favorite politician was the one who approved. 

Liberals and people like Handler don’t care about the embassy. Currently, they hate two things- Israel and Trump. Anti-Semitism, which isn’t racism on the left, and the #resistance. This is another feigned session of outrage that will disappear in the next 24 or so hours.

What would Palestine do without a drunk keyboard warrior like Chelsea Handler tweeting in their defense? Makes you wonder how they made it since the days of Ishmael and Isaac.

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