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Mississippians Can Show Their Gratitude On The Runoff Election Day

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Mississippi voters can send a clear message of gratitude to President Trump by turning out to vote for Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in the runoff election today.


There should be no question about Senator Hyde-Smith’s record — she is a rock-solid conservative who has superbly defended Mississippi’s values and the Trump agenda in the Senate. She’s all-in for building the wall on our southern border, stopping the caravans of migrants who are heading for our country, and getting illegal immigration under control by passing meaningful and effective reforms. Likewise, she has an “A” rating from the NRA and is 100 percent pro-life. 

Consistency on key issues is a rare virtue in Washington — particularly in a political climate that tends to reward flip-floppers who make appealing but empty promises. That’s why President Trump is backing Hyde-Smith, and is traveling to the state to stump for her in Biloxi and Tupelo on Monday, November 26.

Donald Trump needs lawmakers who can be trusted to support his America First agenda — especially as Democrats in Congress have proven eager to reject every GOP policy proposal that has come up for a vote.

Senator Hyde-Smith has clearly recognized the extraordinary potential of President Trump’s policies and their effect on the people of Mississippi, and we can count on her to vote for the type of policies that have led to the ongoing economic revival across America.  


For the first time in decades, Mississippi’s unemployment rate has consistently hovered below 5 percent for many months, aided by President Trump’s middle class tax cuts and his dedication to defending the interests of American workers. New businesses are also opening their doors to customers across the state, generating jobs and wealth for rural and urban communities alike.

Hyde-Smith has been one of President Trump’s most trusted allies, voting consistently for his America First agenda in the Senate. She knows exactly what will make Mississippi prosper, and what is required to defend that prosperity in Washington.

Mississippi continues to thrive under President Trump’s leadership, but voters can’t afford to become complacent. Hyde-Smith’s opponent, Mike Espy, is a true blue liberal who seeks only to obstruct the President’s vision for rejuvenating the economy. 

Espy has been out of public office since the 1990s, and national Democrats are using that to try and convince you he’s “different.” He’s not. He’ll vote right along with Chuck Schumer and the other Senate Democrats as they seek to block President Trump’s nominees and stifle our country’s economic revival.


What’s more, we can’t even afford for the result to be close. In Florida and Georgia, the Democrats tried to steal statewide elections that Republicans won by slim but decisive margins. The only way we can prevent Mississippi from becoming the next victim is by turning out to vote and deliver a resounding victory on Election Day for Cindy Hyde-Smith.

There is a lot be thankful for this Thanksgiving. From the low unemployment rate to the tax cuts providing great pay raises for workers, Mississippi families are feeling the positive effects of President Trump’s policies. Let’s show our gratitude for all of these benefits and support a true conservative in the Mississippi runoff election.

Jennifer Dunagin is the director of communications for the Mississippi Republican Party 

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