The Hellish World of ‘Modern Journalism’

Posted: Dec 26, 2020 12:01 AM
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The Hellish World of ‘Modern Journalism’

Source: AP Photo/Petros Karadjias

Imagine that you’re a graduate student majoring in journalism, accepted by one of the premier programs in the U.S. such as Washington and Lee University, Emerson College, Northwestern University, the University of Missouri at Columbia, or some other top-ranking school.

You've been indoctrinated since the third grade by Left-leaning teachers. During your time in college, you’re further indoctrinated. However, once you graduate, your goal is to be as objective as possible in your reporting. You realize that most stories have at least two angles to them and you're going to search the unexplored territory that most industry professionals seem to continually ‘overlook.’

Covering All Sides?

Graduation day arrives, and you’ve landed a job at a noteworthy media outlet, either in television, newspapers, or magazines. Your initial assignments as a ‘cub’ reporter involve monotonous, routine, and mundane local events. However, after a short time on the job, you're elevated to state-wide news reporting, and then political reporting.

You intend to cover all sides of an issue, but guess what? Your editor discusses how articles will play out – You are told the conclusion before you even begin your assignments. The conclusions invariably are ‘the Right is bad,’ and ‘the Left is good.’ Your assignments are to accent the Left’s point of view and to disparage the Right.

Now you’re thinking, “Okay it's not always going to be like this. Certainly, some issues merit a balanced perspective.” As time marches, you realize it's never going to be that way. 

Advocacy, Nothing More

‘Journalism, as practiced today in +90% of all media outlets, is actually advocacy journalism for Leftist viewpoints. As such, the riots during the summer were not really riots, if your organization reported on them at all. What about Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop? If it existed at all, it was ‘Russian disinformation.’ 

The stolen election of 2020? Be serious! Top officials said it was the cleanest election in U.S. history, and who are we to dig further, despite +2500 affidavits from eyewitnesses in the trenches, who fully documented the vast criminality that transpired?

The years roll by and your quest for objectivity becomes a fleeting thought. You are now a gung-ho, well-paid advocacy journalist, doing your part for the cause! Any news item to which you've been assigned is reported one way, and one way only, and the conclusion is pre-determined.

What if you're one of the few who realize that ‘American Pravda’ journalism is no better than Soviet Pravda. The only difference is that in the old Soviet Union, readers knew that state-controlled ‘journalists’ were lying to them. So, you play the game, you write what you're assigned, and you reach preordained conclusions.

Few Can Break Through

The sad reality is that few can emulate a Sharyl Attkisson, Bernie Goldberg, or Lara Logan. Each was a mainstream journalist who could no longer tolerate the hypocrisy, the lies, and the outright slander. Legions of others tried to break from the pack, but couldn't make a living on their own. As such, most ‘journalists’ are indentured servants of the Leftist mindset, who never successfully breakaway, unless they decide to scrap it all, and enter some other profession.

When you hear buffoons like Jim Acosta, Joe Scarborough, or Jonathan Karl, or even Leslie Stahl or Andrea Mitchell, consider that they might not have always been shills for Leftist ideology. Once, they might have aspired to be objective, fair-minded, and unbiased in their reporting. Lured by elevated job titles and rising wages and benefits, they succumbed. Now, each has long labored under corporate edicts and can no longer differentiate between truth and their organization’s non-stop propaganda. 

Each could probably pass a lie detector about their commitment to ‘fair’ and ‘accurate’ reporting. So, for three years running, we were constantly fed bogus reports about a Trump / Russia connection, of which there was none. Following that, we had to endure phony impeachment proceedings, initiated as a result of one single anonymous whistleblower, which is the most that the Left generally musters. 

The Twilight Zone of Truthful Reporting

Concurrently, despite the multitude of eyewitnesses, with sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury, even renowned journalists insist that the 2020 elections were fair, legal, and aboveboard.

What a world, as some of the most respected names in ‘journalism’ are mere puppets to the organizational regime that pays them! They offer a Twilight Zone rendition of what's occurring in the world. And each of us is supposed to swallow it, hook, line, and sinker.

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