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The political nightmare known as Kamala Harris believes that equal opportunity in America is not sufficient. Her focus is on promoting equal results. 

“Achieving equal results generally entails reducing or eliminating material inequalities between individuals or households in a society and usually involves a transfer of income or wealth from wealthier to poorer individuals, or adopting other measures to promote equality of condition,” according to Wikipedia. 


Like many on the Left, Ms. Harris believes that the role of government and of society, in general, is to ensure equality of outcomes. Residents of America – not exclusively citizens – should enjoy the same benefits as everyone else. In her view, it's not enough to provide people with a sound education, equal employment opportunity, apprentice programs, counseling, job training, or unemployment compensation. 

Leftists in La La Land

As with most notions that the Left champions, if it sounds good, by golly, it must be good! Let's get it passed! One itty-bitty problem with this political viewpoint is... drum roll, please, not everyone makes the same effort. Do you remember those kids in your high school class who were constantly slacking? Or, who would smoke behind the school building? Or, who were often absent or tardy? Or, constantly caused trouble? 

Some of them were considered the cool kids, making the scene, showing up in all the right places around town, always having time for fun, mainly because they weren't doing much homework. They weren't studying like you were. No problem! In Kamala’s world, they get a free, lifetime, extensive ‘hall’ pass.

Do you also remember the kids who cheated on tests? Or, maybe their only sin was cramming the night before an exam and barely making it through. You, on the other hand, might have started preparing days in advance, diligently reviewing the homework assignments and exercises in the book.

Today, in the workaday world some of your classmates who slacked off are still doing the same thing. Perhaps they drink or smoke or are chemically dependent. Some of them look forward to taking the easy way out. Predictably, they crave more and more government benefits. They vote Democratic, because the party keeps dangling carrots in front of them.


Flawed Beyond Repair

“Equality of results” reveals inherent flaws in the thinking of whoever raised the issue. It is a platform of socialism, if not outright communism. Countries around the world that strive for equality of results end up dampening the human spirit of their own citizenry. The intrusion of government into too many aspects of people's lives ultimately yields the emergence of an elite ruling class that is above all others. 

These elite puppet masters believe that they possess the special wisdom to determine what is right for the rest of us, and exactly how it is to be achieved. In reality, they gum up the works. Favoritism results. As in George Orwell's Animal Farm, some animals (people) are "more equal" than others.

Societies that mandate “equality of results” drive people from their shores. Such people seek to come to America, or at least the free parts of Europe. Conversely, no one risks their lives and their families to reside where a privileged ruling class decides what is best for all, and everybody else is nearly equal, while a few are ‘more equal.’ 

Reality Rules

People here and throughout the world, simply do not approach their jobs or careers with the same smarts, vigor, or dedication. Lots of kids know this by age nine or earlier. Many adults do whatever it takes to merely get by, unlike those who seek to carve a path for themselves, generate wealth, and provide for their families.

The Declaration of Independence appropriately states that all men [/women] are created equal. This does not imply that everyone has the same capabilities, as skills and aptitudes vary widely. Some people are knowingly suited for a particular field of endeavor; others spend years or decades unsure where to best apply themselves. They settle into a work routine that might earn them a living but doesn't offer a great life.


Welcome to reality. The government cannot legislate equality of results. The government is not omniscient. The government can't delve into the lives of each and every citizen to provide some gilded path for each to follow. It is not possible and even if it were possible, it would not be desirable.

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