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In July 2019, following the Mueller testimony debacle, the Left’s meltdown was palpable. For nearly three years, they had whipped themselves into a frenzy over the bogus notion of a Trump/Russia collusion, actually put in motion by Hillary Clinton and company.  

When Mueller’s team fired nothing but blanks, many on the left grasped for straws. "Obstruction!" they cried. That bogus claim, however, didn’t take hold. So, they moved on to phony impeachment proceedings, which even many Democrats knew was dead on arrival. (Mitt Romney to the rescue, to make the vote nonpartisan.)

The Media Machine in Motion

At this moment, Leftist psychological operations are in full swing. Nearly everywhere you turn, it appears as if Joe Biden is the president-elect, and that it’s ironclad. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC can't feature the “Biden Administration” enough. The same with the big newsprint media. They are spray painting features and articles all over creation about the ‘Biden cabinet,’ Biden advisors, the Biden transition team members, the White House counsel, the White House staff, etc.

Concurrently, they are suppressing massive, criminal, Democrat election fraud to the point where it is regarded as a non-issue, basically a Trump team fantasy. It never happened, they insist. The election was clean, the issue is completely settled! This is the same group who only observed peaceful protests in the summer – no violence, no looting. Really!  


Referring to Leftist election fraud, in any way, makes you a crazed lunatic. If you Google key terms, such as, “Michigan election fraud,” you don't see anything in the first four pages of hits, other than how the Trump campaign is making false claims, and is endangering America. 

In other words, you obtain no confirmation whatsoever of the hundreds of thousands of votes that were converted, deleted, or otherwise masked, in the gargantuan effort to ensure that Joe Biden collected more than 270 electoral votes. Lower down, on the fifth page of Google hits, two links refer to viable claims of Democrat election fraud. 

How many site visitors search for five pages? Something far less than five percent of searchers, and quite likely less than one percent. 

The Evidence is Being Assembled

Don't fall for any of the Left’s schemes. The affidavits that have been collected, added to those to be collected, offer a tidal wave of evidence as to Democrat criminality in the 2020 elections. The 1000s of people, swearing via an affidavit to a court of law as to what they saw, are not foolish enough to risk perjury, years of legal costs, or prison. 

The affidavit of one software engineer in Detroit, for example, who had inside observations as to voting malfeasance on election night is illuminating. It spells out the number of ballots that had been manipulated, when this happened, how it happened, how the totals were recalibrated, and what was reported to the media. This affidavit is merely one of legions from subject matter experts who are providing pinpoint information that vastly uncovers Democrat election fraud in the aggregate.


Attorneys for President Trump, working on macro issues, will show how Dominion software was employed by Venezuela, and other bad actors to contort our election. Communist China and Cuba might also be in the mix: Each has a vested interest in dislodging President Trump. 

The testimony that Trump lawyers will present in court, when fully assembled, will be substantial.

It’s in the Air

Beyond court victories, Republican legislators in the key swing states will be exposed to the gargantuan amount of evidence of Democrat fraud. This will all but ensure that they’ll side with Donald Trump, should the Electoral College give neither candidate 270 votes. 

In short, the prospects are solid that President Trump will be inaugurated for a second term on January 20th, 2021. And 73.5+ million people will know that justice prevailed.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Commie Kamala Harris can strut all that they want. The media machine can keep pumping out all kinds of stories about the forthcoming "Biden administration," which actually will never materialize.

When the feces hits the fan, and Democrats realize that they have not won the presidency, the emotional deflation will be unbearable for them. Their meltdown will dwarf all others. They will be in shambles, not just for now, but for years to come.


A Slingshot Effect

Rachel Maddow will go into another funk. Jake Tapper’s head will explode. As the populace realizes how corrupt the Democrat Party has become, how it is leaderless, rudderless, without integrity, and bent on destruction of what we hold sacred, the Democrats will have a long time to reflect on how pitiful their party has become. 

This slingshot effect will reverberate through the 2022 elections, and perhaps even to 2024, and beyond.

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